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Why McDonald’s Flopped In Vietnam

The fast food industry thrives in most of the world. Chains like McDonald’s and Burger King typically come out on top in the $651 billion fast food industry. In Vietnam, however, the brands have failed to take off. McDonald’s and Burger King have more than 36,000 and 16,000 locations across the globe, respectively. But in Vietnam, McDonald’s has 17 stores and Burger King has 13.

In Vietnam, a country spoiled for choice when it comes to food, some U.S. fast food chains are struggling to compete with the local competition.

Check out the video above to see why McDonald’s and Burger King are flopping in Vietnam.

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Why McDonald’s And Burger King Flopped In Vietnam | CNBC


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  • In a rice-eating society, the texture of hamburgers is not good.

  • Oh well u can’t win in every market.

  • Because Vietnam is communist coutry. No need expert to answer this question

  • i love vietnam, i hope it s happend in indonesia too

  • The McDonalds adapted fish rice combo looks embarrassing.

  • Fast food not healthy in vietnam

  • Easy. Because Vietnamese food is damn good and cheap…burgers have no chance. Simple and plain.

  • Worked in Vietnam for 1 yr. Bahn mi is the best, price n taste. I copied the filling successfully, but I cannot duplicate the French baguette. I don't understand how to achieve the crunchy outside n soft texture inside. I can bake diff kinds of bread: slice bread, cinnamon rolls, soft buns, as long as I have complete ingredients. I failed in French baguette, the baking technique maybe. In my country, they sell a different kind of french bread/baguette not as good as the one in Vietnam.

  • Western food to a Viet like me: plain, creamy, not diverse, small choice, and high price. Except Italian food. We have regional dishes with different recipes and tastes, and a huge choice of food beside pho, banh mi, and spring rolls.
    Western coffee: arabica coffee smells great but tastes like water. In Vietnam, we mix robusta and arabica together the create the heavenly Vietnamese coffee (it can be 7:3 or 5:5)
    However, we should learn a lot of things from the west like customer service, management, bartending, pastry, landscaping, and interior design. Hope we can learn from each other to develop and escape from the poverty.

  • why don't they make a single large sized burger, so the people can share it with their family?

  • Pho and many other traditional dishes, Vietnamese people take 4 hours or more (1 day) to create a sauce, pho'water. But they serve you in less than 2 minutes.

  • dont eat that you will have cancer. Save Vietnam

  • As a Vietnamese loves American culture, been to the U.S for 3 weeks and found that American food is not various like Vietnamese ones, yet pricy and not really subtly good. It looks like if Americans are not having meals in traditional restaurants, they'll be in fast food restaurants. My feeling is they just don't have choices! I'm not trying to be patriotic. I'm not calling Americans rich because I see a lot of people eating fast food though the food is just the same every single day!
    @toVietnamese: Please don't show too much your arrogance and patriotism. Today is different. Cutures are blending. Don't just recall the past and delusionally sleep on the victory.

  • Lol…good for the Vietnamese. These fast food will destroy people's health and wealth!

  • I don't like. Fast food because make people fat

  • Two main reasons: low income country ( pls check the income world map) and unsuitable taste. I personally hate pizza.

  • 2 main reason: The first- it's too expensive ( burger 2-3 dollars ( 50.000-60.000/ per meal) while Banh Mi or others only 0.5-1 dollars. of course we'll choose VN food. The second: it does not suit with Vietnamese taste because Western food is so fat, having too much meat, less fibre

  • What is the point of showing the electronic voice wavelengths when someone's speaking? As opposed to showing, say, some of the pho and bahn mi they're talking about…

  • Bahn mi sandwich > Fast food any day! And the Bahn mi sandwiches are way cheaper and more delicious!!!

  • If you make pork burgers then the Vietnamese will come to your burger shops. Beef ? No way …


  • 😏

  • its good for viatnam.. why make your people sick obese as well as give their money to foreigners

  • Nothing can stand upon the mighty of Banh Mi and Pho.

  • Very insightful…!

  • That last guy didnt have a clue what he was talking about. First beef is not the protein of choice in vietnam. Pork is consumed more than anything else. Its not about being able to share the food either. The problem the people know fast food is very unhealthy. Why buy unhealthy food when there are tons of options for half the price and quicker service

  • Thanks you for your effort😄

  • Vietnamese banh mì or bowl of Pho is cheaper and taste better than McDonal and Burger King sandwich .

  • Vietnam only eat cat and dogs

  • Try halving the prices of McDonalds. They even made the burgers smaller too.