What 1000 HOURS of Shinobi EXPERIENCE Looks Like – For Honor

Hi hoy guys! What 1000 HOURS of Shinobi EXPERIENCE Looks Like… once again, I really do play this game too much…
Have fun!

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– Star Wars Medley [Piano Tutorial] (Synthesia)
– [EDM] Star Wars – The Force Theme Remix [No copyright]


What 1000 HOURS of Shinobi EXPERIENCE Looks Like – For Honor


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  • Why this music😒😒?

  • Was this Pre nerf Shinobi? Or actually unplayable, asthmatic heavy smoking Shitnoobi with no stamina or health?

  • When you have one thousand hours but are nowhere as good, that’s all the Orochi mains cause they just spam

  • Ok but why The starwars

  • This music makes me feel like I’m in a restaurant

  • This guy isn’t good he’s just showing clips of his opponents being brain dead. If u pay close attention half the time they don’t faint their heavies on his duels and the other half is him ganking other people. This guy isn’t good he’s just fighting brain dead people and showing off his “good parts” now what would be a treat is him streaming normal duels and him just showing what he would normally play like over this “edit everything to make yourself look like your somewhat good” and then name the video “1000 hours of shinobi” as if you just didn’t show yourself getting lucky heavies off noob players that don’t faint at all. This YouTuber needs to get his head out of his ass and post full gameplay over this clip shit

  • Man,, I miss the glorious days of shinobi, he used to be really good but he got nerfed and he’s just garbage now

  • Everyone: :O So cool!

    Me: why do I hear star wars music in the background?

  • I have nightmares about this players..

  • Whats with the starwars music😂

  • The BGM sounds like the star wars music I used to play on the piano

  • When shinobi was actually a good character

  • More like what 10 hours of shinobi looks like

  • Stop light spamming

    Edit: okay I saw the first few seconds and thought you were just gonna light spam but now I see that you’re using combos

  • I watched this and I took what I could from it and now I’m a better shinobi winning more 1v1s thank you for your help 😬

  • Shinobi looks like he could be in an 80s action movie with the idle pose and all.

  • JamesJames

    Author Reply

    I had taken this version of shinobi for granted.

  • You know you’re good at for honor if you can kick the ass of someone whose using your own main.

  • Is that a stars wars theme song

  • Now I want to be a shinobi main now
    Thx I thought sjinobi is trash

  • G1d00G1d00

    Author Reply

    Terrible video

  • As a shinobi main i cant stop thinking about all the clips they got absolutely destroyed in because u could throw a pebble at shinobi and they would die

  • Make it look so easy😂😂😂

  • EmreEmre

    Author Reply

    Nice video really good skills

  • What chest was that?