Week 11 2018 #23 Fresno State vs Boise State Full Game Highlights 1

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  • At 10:26 no illegal block on the back was called by the refs. If it was Boise would have to face a 3 and 30 but nooo these refs love the broncos

  • The one thing we should be talking about is Boise's will to not give up! A lot of teams playing Fresno this year gave up and said "We just can't beat them". The Broncos didn't believe that and they won the game!

  • Tons of terrible spots for the Broncos. On their second touchdown drive I counted at least two crucial ones.
    Also, on the Fourth down try by Fresno at 18:20 there were only ten Broncos on the field.

  • Bulldogs beat the high school teams but cant beat the others

  • 5:45, the Fresno defensive lineman literally had his knee in the chest of BSU's offensive lineman. Now im not a fan of the Blue and Orange but wtf is that pussy ass bullshit. I mean for fucks sake you already make teams "not play" when they face alabama cause you dont want the face of your organization looking like criminal shit, and now you are just not making obvious calls? The NCAA needs to just die, it's the most shady sports organization in the world.

  • Now that #23 Fresno St. lost and has 2 losses, the coaches can put in another SEC team with 4 losses at #23.

    (eye roll)

  • Just an observation. I have been to different places on the web and I have seen comments about how Boise State stole the game and how the refs were on BSU's side, etc, etc. etc. I honestly wish that the game had been played until the time ran out. Could FS have gotten the ball back and scored in 18 seconds? Yes, it is possible. Could BSU have run another play and gotten the first and ten? Yes, it is possible. Could BSU have punted it and held FS to no score? Yes, it is possible. As I said, I just wish the game had been played to its end. I am a BSU fan, and I am glad that Boise State won, but I can surely understand how many (most? all?) FS fans feel. Both teams played hard. Both teams have great traditions of winning. I wish both teams the best the rest of the season.

  • Do more basketball please

  • Thank you for the upload! But just fyi the Boise State logo you are using in your thumbnails is the old logo

  • 2:03 – 2:11

  • Ni coNi co

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    Football is life

  • And do you do Michigan basketball?

  • When do the Michigan highlights come out


  • I think birds have some problems on this blue field 😅

  • Keyshawn Johnson???

  • First