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We Try The Special Local Menu At Vietnam McDonald's

We’re eating today at the Golden Arches in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) so we can try out the special local menu! You can find a McDonald’s just about everywhere in the world with the familiar offering of Big Macs and fries. What’s even better are the fast food giant’s takes on local food which are adopted into their foreign menus.

At the McDonald’s in Vietnam we try 5 new “street food” items; gà rán (fried chicken), cơm (broken rice plates), bánh mì (French/Vietnamese style sandwiches), and the limited edition fruit chillers. Bummed we missed the durian flurries which just hit the menu this month. Next time!

McDonald’s Vietnam


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  • MCdonald's aint located in Hanoi,Vietnam at all?

  • By the way, I enjoyed watching the video. Great video but when I visit Vietnam I will be buying alot of street foods, maybe I will go to McDonald's to try unique items.

  • Your so pretty thanks for the video…🐵…

  • Loved the video, really well edited and informative.

  • That food looks better than our McDonald's in the the US.

  • You did a great review!

  • TriTri

    Author Reply

    Exactly the video I was looking for! Thanks! Great editing

  • Beautiful couple! 👍👍👍❤️❤️❤️🙏🙏🙏

  • If you feel antisocial hehehe I like it