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Up Close With The Patek Philippe Grandmaster Chime

In October of 2014, Patek Philippe presented a collection of pieces that the world had been waiting 25 years to see. It was Patek who in 1989 launched the very concept of commemorative watches with its 150th anniversary collection and who today still garners more attention than anyone else in the world of haute horlogerie. We have already shown you the basics of what comprises the Patek 175 collection (see here, here, here, and here) but today we will go hands-on with all the pieces, as well as break down a bit more about what this collection may or may not mean long-term. And yes, we do break down the $2,500,000 Grandmaster Chime for you. For more, go to:

Nguồn: https://lpmndc.org

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  • it's freaking huge

  • scary one went for over $30 million!

  • most accurate? these niggas drank their own coolaid. any 10 USD quartz watch is more accurate than what this cabal can come up with.

  • I would never own this watch… But if did I would keep it for the next generation.

  • Patek Philippe : Finally we make the world most complicated watch ‼️
    The owner of this watch : My watch broke, where is the service ⁉️
    Patek Philippe : Here we go again ‼️

  • Because mega stars need help with real art appreciation. One super talent goes away but matercrafted art is timeless. Besides Battery Operated Boytoys BOB's are cheap and tacky.

  • Because showing a full hip wallet is tacky and makes sitting look medically assisted.

  • Takes less space and besides where can you safely park your Bentley anyway?

  • No one will ask if you've gained weight while staring with jaw dropping. Just sayin DAMM

  • The cuff links match the band -carpet matches the drapes kinda thang. Well if you have to ask…

  • Because carrying a Faberge Egg is awkward. Telling the tax man or ex partner you lost it overboard last weekend is a compelling argument that you may later find . New scuba lessons could be in your future. Time will tell.

  • Well i had this watch . But after 3 years it stopped working and i had to sell it to the local second hand shop for $100

  • It’s grossly ostentatious. But perhaps not for an Arab or Russian…

  • I don't get it to be honest. It would be horrendous to wear, so it's purely for display I guess. But in my mind having it double faced so you can't actually see the movement is madness!

  • Rick ….. I ve got these coming out of my ears at the moment . Best i can do is a bent dime and a cheese sandwich .

  • Indiglo ?

  • 16.1mm thick. Deal breaker for me.

  • this is basically a golden one tune music box for which you will pay 100K every 5 years to have it maintained and serviced at PP

  • If I save up then one day I can afford to subscribe to Patek Philippe's YT channel

  • Beautiful masterpiece.

  • Even if you could afford the watch, if you had 2,5 million US dollars – which is what they ask for the watch – that wouldn't be your biggest problem — a lot of people out there have that kind of money. Considering that they probably made only ONE of these, they'd had to choose you as their customer! You'd probably have to go through a process of elimination against a lot of wealthy arabs, chinese, russians, and americans – maybe even some celebreties. THEN – if you win – you'd own the watch.

  • What happens if you drop this watch 🤣🤣

  • When he says it took 10 years of reflection, you know the whole thing is bullsh*t lol. That's all these super expensive watches are, worth 1/1000th the price.

  • this thing tells your the time.. like smartphones do.. so… why u putting gold in a shit….

  • It's an art.

  • Keep fooling the ultra-rich
    For the rest of us, or atleast I myself can't afford a replica

  • Believie me or not.
    My Casio is able to do the same for just 10 dollars

  • Love my g-shock

  • Wrong proportions that won't look good on the wrist imo.

  • I don't even want to think of how long or how much that bad boy costs to clean and lube every 5 years or so.

  • Looks awesome in its parts looks like trash as a single piece, would look better as a pocket watch

  • 100,000 manufacturing hours… So they would have to sell it for at least $10 million to make a profit.

    Or you could buy 513,000 Casio calculator watches which tell time more accurately and also have an alarm.

  • Sahsayahpyoolahdoreeyenfrakohnart.

  • Ian MIan M

    Author Reply

    Sterile "modern" ties. Sad..