U.S. Women's National Hockey Team Won't Be Underestimated In The 2017 Body Issue | ESPN

By gaining equitable treatment and winning the 2017 world championship, members of U.S. women’s national hockey team made history.

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  • 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6: Hey girlz, why are you bleaching your hair – in such a fugly way?!? What happened!?!

  • I think these body issues they are talking about deserve much closer scrutiny!

  • You need all the help you can. Love Canada.

  • Transgender faces…

  • Womens hockey in beach bikini outfit may generate better ticket sales to warrant increased salary for the ladies.

  • Women vs. Women hockey. Sure, that's great, but if you don't have as many fans and bring in as many sponsors as Men vs. Men hockey, then you're not going to be paid as much.

  • What

  • Will they accidentally shows some private spot of their body by moving around?

  • i also won't underestimate your body and skills in bed

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  • Anjir kontolku berdiri terus nih…lihat cewek bugil…

  • 19 mei 2020

  • Yg dari indonesia like y….

  • They play Ball naked too much naked

  • Women’s sports will never be what women demand in a capitalist society. Unless of course women’s sports draw as much money as mens. In a socialist society, there would be no women’s hockey…there’d be no money for anything.

  • PlutoPluto

    Author Reply

    Less views less ads less pay. How does that not make sense

  • Men dont have to pose naked for hockey because they're actually good at it! Put your clothes back on!

  • lol

  • I mean….. They already got Lingerie Football, and the Australian Lingerie Football… yeah…….. It's gonna happen. Half naked tennis, basketball,softball,etc

  • Why you look hideous you are

  • I want to see their tids

  • Bob ABob A

    Author Reply

    Naked and leftists protesters!

  • R TR T

    Author Reply

    I can't wait to watch this on p*rnhub!

  • 자료 감사드리며 늘 건강하시길…………

  • If you draw a large crowd and bring in as much revenue as the men then you should get paid like the men .But you do not and posing naked is not going to do it either.

  • All these men have long hair

  • Good job . Don't work for less.

  • Sama indahnya