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What games do you think will be good?

New Life:

Elysium VR:


Civil Contract:


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  • Is elysium canceled?

  • Elysium VR's kickstarter failed, so that's why it's still not released. They've been working on it definitely, but it's just slow atm. Check their discord for more info.

  • BeeBee

    Author Reply

    Where tf are these game at like project elysium it’s fuckin March 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • So project elysium is gonna release pretty soon so I will finally have a very good game on the PSVR imagine the possibilities killing people…Making a group of bandits…..Killing more people.. Wow sounds so fun!

  • Elysium looks so fun

  • elysium uses purchased assets off unity so its sketchy

  • 8BIT8BIT

    Author Reply

    Surprise, Surpise

    They were all fucking shit

  • Project Elysium explained how their going to make the big Map the whole map does not exist if you're not looking at it

  • What about NineToFive?

  • boi they deleted civil contrack I think haha

  • You didn't do Nine to Five.

  • Civil Contract removed from steam?

  • Missed one mate, being made by the Developers of Arma3ProjectLife

  • You forgot about nine to five

  • What we need is rockstar to make a roleplaying that's epic

  • SAMP role play servers are better than this shit only down side is no comms just typing

  • s m a c k e d the like button then d a b b e d for papa lewlew

  • harry potter rpg?:D

  • YO Elysium nice to see some coverage on it. I hope they deliver

  • Gonna keep looking back at the vr one hope it is going to be alright. But 500 players aint happening.

  • just quit being a youtuber bro , youre so shit

  • My man has a whole month of my rent in his steam account

  • I can’t believe that I remember that I subscribed when you first started taki