This NEW RP Game is the BIGGEST SCAM EVER! – CivilContract RPG Early Access

Is CivilContract a Scam? Absolutely! But it goes way deeper! STAY AWAY!
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  • Just PLEASE Stay away from this game, and this developer!

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  • "Is CivilContract a Scam? Absolutely! But it goes way deeper! STAY AWAY!
    BECOME A MEMBER FOR $0.99! "

  • 9:10 i did the math that would be around 335 us dollars per person

  • Why is the hollow mask in the game? 2:25

  • So raw, identity, and now this will we ever get a good rpgame

  • Sad thing is,stanalone RP games cant be good as a mod of gta

  • This video saved me some money and I thank you 🙏

  • JamesJames

    Author Reply

    im Australian and this is making me sad that he is tainting our country like this.

  • I worked with the main developer and project manager of this game on another project, i can tell you he's a good developer however demanded for more ownership over the project or he'd leave. Of course we let him leave.

  • Thanks for telling us About this game issues, you are the BEST OF THE BEST !!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  • with a UI like that I could tell it would be shitty from 1 look

  • report a bug: The whole game

  • You know what? If CapitalGaming actually could pull themselves together, they can actually make a faithful ripoff of Squad

  • Haha wow the devs review on this game. 35 bucks for this garbage? don't evrey buy. refund if you did. it's not worth it by the looks of it.

  • "CivilContract is a modern themed role-play adventure game set in the vast open world environment of Australia. The game focuses mainly on the player, creating an environment that feels alive and that is constantly moving.". Excuse me, but wtf?

  • it could actually be a cool game, too bad it's a shitty buggy asset flip and the developer is an asshole

  • Roblox would be better

  • this looks like a game in dreams ps4

  • just play samp or fivem if you want something like this well done. cheers

  • 43hrs the past two weeks on SteamVR seems like a good start to becoming a developer. This Benson guy is a joke lol

  • this remind me of that game raw…

  • Its early access it normal that the game has or have bugs or glitch and server lag

  • His development team is probably people he’s hired on fiverr

  • "Genreal Store"
    -CiviContract 2020

  • theres a better game called badlads thats already out

  • isnt this illegal

  • civil contract. seems like something someone could do in the bedroom on their own

  • you a snitch bitch

  • Anyone know of any games like this that are legit

  • tbh those graphics of civil contracts good

  • Wow. Looks like GTA VI. lol

  • do you know what happened to ''RAW''?

  • "more of this games get supported early, more broken empty games we will have in future" GG

  • You know it's flattering to see our train station level used in absolutely anything but it does sting a bit when it's so blatantly rehashed. Good job on calling out the devs, this certainly isn't what we make this stuff for 🙂

  • motion blur doesnt make a game good

  • Take world war z game and take away all the zombies guns and characters design away and block off one area of the map that has nothing in it and you have this game. Also add lag and more bugs

  • One of the discords from an asset he used were going off about him recently 😂 good reading.

  • klock 19 😂

  • The game has been taken off of the Steam store

  • Thanks for the heads up mate.

  • JayJay

    Author Reply

    i saw that street and subway station on ue4 marketplace lmao

  • its easy to make shitty games when you dont test and bug fixing your own game, and in general just want fast money. Many developers falls into this category & maneuver