The WORST Roleplay Game of 2019 Gets Multiplayer! — CivilContract

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CivilContract is still pretty bad, luckily I told Varius if he fixes all bugs by a week in this small demo, I will give him $100! Apparently he has fixed them, so I will check out the game again soon. Still the worst roleplay game of 2019, also one of the ONLY roleplay games in 2019. Can someone with some skill go make a roleplay game please?

CivilContract Multiplayer demo download (it’s 50GB btw):

CivilContract on Steam:

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  • J MJ M

    Author Reply

    Can’t wait to finish this video! Subscribed 🙂 thanks for playing through this one!

  • ANYONE can throw a bunch of assets into a ue4 project, build it and make money for it…

  • This popped up in my recommendations since big frys explanation. Good to see it’s still up and that YouTube is pushing it in the algorithm

  • E.TE.T

    Author Reply

    crap game, crap devs


  • Steam is actually allowing this game to be on their platform, this obvious scam? Guy is not a Developer and just concocting a "game". Please tell me no one has actually handed over a dollar to his dog shit.

  • Just came here from bigfrys channel reeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Same character models from New Life RP.

  • ZiggyZiggy

    Author Reply

    i now have aids from watching this game

  • What is CivilContract. OHHHHH WAIT you mean ivilontract

  • Normally like to stay positive with peoples creations but them wanting to show a simple database lookup with the police car plate system, while core things like the physics engine still doesn't work like WTF, looking at this i very much doubt it's going to be any good, this is what happens when people have to much convenience

  • for me that looks like arma 2 props ported in to unity and someone trying to figure out how to code few working lines…. just saying 10 square miles working map is better than 100 squares that does not do anything…. just saying… game devs figured that shit out in early 90's … ( elder scrolls game with huge huge empty map that repeats it self over and over )

  • JakeJake

    Author Reply

    Give up Varius. You should of stayed in school and learned a bit of english before you went out and tried to make a game.

  • It's a shame no one can make a good rp game smh

  • That’s it, I’ve had it with this dump. We’ve got no food, no jobs, our heads are falling off.

  • Roblox 2.0?

  • AkulaAkula

    Author Reply

    Varius, give up mate, this is so fucking scuffed I feel second-hand embarrassment for you trying to pass it off as fixable

  • as a developer for 10 years I am very confused at 25:15 LMFAO like I literally cant comprehend what just happened or why.

  • he's quite a savy entrepreneur this guy, for a young guy at least

  • I would like to see Bohemia have a go at making a roleplay game

  • this will go nowhere but at the end of the day if someone could make this and have it run well without bugs, that would be good enough. surely its not that hard.

  • its like a mobile game lol

  • nuganuga

    Author Reply


  • The dude making this game needs to stick with his school education and give up making this game, it's pretty bad lol..

  • Does anyone else think the music the game has near the start sound like a skype in-coming call? It's pissing me off hearing it

  • So… am i crazy or does it look like the dev somehow accidentally listed the demo with his own saved game file already loaded up? Hence why you can go outside the demo area to the actual map.

  • this dev should be arrested for this shit

  • lmao these guy make money apparently yet can't spell for shit rip

  • The beeping sound had me dying lmao!!!

  • CivilContract is the crack baby that resulted from Identity and Arma Life having a few wild nights.

  • this game looks like a mobile game

  • Maybe in 3019 we might finally get a good roleplaying game that is fun and they actually do it for the gamers

  • Look every game starts some where but he needs to test it.
    If u remember Anzus used to be pretty bad and they had to pay you to play it but now it the most popular arma server.

  • the tv model,main bed,babies bed and the windows are all free, (IT WAS FREE BUT NOW IT IS PAY FOR. IF YOU HAD IT WHEN IT WAS FREE, YOU CAN KEEP IT NOW. JUST LOOK AT THE PHOTOS FOR YOURSELF) and very nice video, hope you have a great day!

  • This guys is the biggest troll haha.. he's 17 lol. I'm surprised anyone would believe him.

    I did games design for 3 years, it's so obvious he has no clue what he's doing.

  • Varius Benson just wants money lmao

  • why does every vehicle have a turbo deisel in it

  • Imagine if the Internet Historian did a video on the start of the business model of releasing unfinished games.

  • 3:30 the sound made lewis forget to drink😂😂😂

  • The game is trash, give up..

  • Don't play it if Ur gonna sit there and talk mad shit telling him to give up

  • That BEEP gave me stumachcramps from laughing

  • Apron 😂😂😂😂😂💀💀💀💀

  • Thank you for playing these trash tier games and allowing us to avoid wasting time/money.

  • I could somewhat understand MAYBE the multiplayer being fucked but the single player being just as fucked if not worse that’s just ridiculous

  • Clearly a scam

  • Maybe they should play test then release, not release then play test

  • Fuck I actually know these devs they wanna make something good. Theyve produced cool shit for arma but its gonna take time this isnt what they want to release. Its not easy to make a game this is all base work for something in the future.

  • Is this game using fallout 4 music lol