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The TRUTH about MCN's – (Multi Channel Networks on YouTube)

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  • Oh I have a channel that has a mcn I regret it but I just changed my password then done the mcn has no ownership

  • Mcn are the most scammest from all of the YouTube!!

  • I never got a MCN.
    and i don't have a email lol
    Only my parents do.
    I'm a 7 year old kid.
    I'm too little to swear.


  • LNLN

    Author Reply

    how r these bastards still about, thought it had stopped being used so much after what happend to machinima but no

  • Thank you so much, this was so helpful! 💜…love your personality 😁

  • Back when YouTube cared. Now literally everyone has to partner now. Ya forgot how to care

  • Me gaining subs on youtube
    MCN : siGn ThIS
    Me being stupid and signing it
    MCN: hippit hoppity your freedom is now my property.

  • welp, back to adsense. Atleast all the revenue that I earned thru ads are all mine not with these scams.

  • I'm pretty sure my channel isn't going to get any more subscribers, not necessarily because of YouTube or because of other people, but because I don't have anything on my channel. I'm trying to record myself drawing, but there's an issue, I don't have much to do that with, I have a phone, which can get me started, but no way of putting it in a convenient spot. I also want to record me sculpting stuff, but I have the exact same issues there too.

  • I looked it up to see which MCN he talked about, and I'm going to name it right here: "Baker" is Maker Studios was bought by Disney in 2014.

  • Maker stuido and Disney

  • Very informative. I shall be quoting you.

  • GREAT video my guy. Thanks

  • Jenna marbles?… Who’s Jenna marbles?

  • Hmmmm this makes me wonder if i should just go ahead and cancel my contract with curse :O

  • Record labels that lock you into a contract are the musical equivalent of MCNs

  • Mcn sucks is much I WISH I DIDNT SIGN IT:( on my old yt account all they do IS TAKE YOUR MONEY.I deleted me Yt:(

  • Jazza, you never let me down. ಠ‿ಠ

  • Thanks jazza, my mind change after the truth of this video. Thank God i have not comit to them.

  • Great video, can’t believe I only found you and a fellow Aussie

  • MCN is actually a scam but its actually legal (dont even ask me why cuz i dont know)

  • Mcns just scam you

  • Thank you jazza i learnt the real meaning of knowing youre worth #priceless😘😍

  • What ryhmes with baker??? 😂

  • My sentiments exactly! So nicely spelt out. I read the contract from, rhymes with collab asia… (whoops my bad) and immediately sent back what you had already been thinking and perhaps had vlogged earlier. 🙂 They are still chasing me! W

  • Thanks so much! Deliver us from 👿!!! Best clip on subjects


  • Good info! Thanx!$👍

  • This is very helpful. Thanks, Jazza, for stopping me from making a heavy mistake.

  • Youtuber: ooo 10 dollars

    MCN: Nah it’s only $7.50

  • Thanks man, I will not sign an MCN as soon as my channel grows…

  • The MCN is lying they don’t give you money

  • I'm so glad I spent years editing law school papers. If everyone knew about contracts…

  • I'm so glad I saw this thankyou so much for making this video Jazza😃