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The TRUTH about MCN's – (Multi Channel Networks on YouTube)

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Giải Trí
IFO S04E12 | Cut 2| MC Trần Ngọc BẮN Tiếng Anh Không Siêu Nhưng Không Ngại Thể Hiện Khả Năng Nói
Giải Trí
Hướng dẫn làm sữa đậu nành, sinh tố, nấu cháo bằng máy làm sữa đậu nành Joyoung DJ13C-Q3
Giải Trí
Có những loại bàn DJ mini nào?
  • Oh I have a channel that has a mcn I regret it but I just changed my password then done the mcn has no ownership

  • Mcn are the most scammest from all of the YouTube!!

  • I never got a MCN.
    and i don't have a email lol
    Only my parents do.
    I'm a 7 year old kid.
    I'm too little to swear.


  • LNLN

    Author Reply

    how r these bastards still about, thought it had stopped being used so much after what happend to machinima but no

  • Thank you so much, this was so helpful! 💜…love your personality 😁

  • Back when YouTube cared. Now literally everyone has to partner now. Ya forgot how to care

  • Me gaining subs on youtube
    MCN : siGn ThIS
    Me being stupid and signing it
    MCN: hippit hoppity your freedom is now my property.

  • welp, back to adsense. Atleast all the revenue that I earned thru ads are all mine not with these scams.

  • I'm pretty sure my channel isn't going to get any more subscribers, not necessarily because of YouTube or because of other people, but because I don't have anything on my channel. I'm trying to record myself drawing, but there's an issue, I don't have much to do that with, I have a phone, which can get me started, but no way of putting it in a convenient spot. I also want to record me sculpting stuff, but I have the exact same issues there too.

  • I looked it up to see which MCN he talked about, and I'm going to name it right here: "Baker" is Maker Studios was bought by Disney in 2014.

  • Maker stuido and Disney

  • Very informative. I shall be quoting you.

  • GREAT video my guy. Thanks

  • Jenna marbles?… Who’s Jenna marbles?

  • Hmmmm this makes me wonder if i should just go ahead and cancel my contract with curse :O

  • Record labels that lock you into a contract are the musical equivalent of MCNs

  • Mcn sucks is much I WISH I DIDNT SIGN IT:( on my old yt account all they do IS TAKE YOUR MONEY.I deleted me Yt:(

  • Jazza, you never let me down. ಠ‿ಠ

  • Thanks jazza, my mind change after the truth of this video. Thank God i have not comit to them.

  • Great video, can’t believe I only found you and a fellow Aussie

  • MCN is actually a scam but its actually legal (dont even ask me why cuz i dont know)

  • Mcns just scam you

  • Thank you jazza i learnt the real meaning of knowing youre worth #priceless😘😍

  • What ryhmes with baker??? 😂

  • My sentiments exactly! So nicely spelt out. I read the contract from, rhymes with collab asia… (whoops my bad) and immediately sent back what you had already been thinking and perhaps had vlogged earlier. 🙂 They are still chasing me! W

  • Thanks so much! Deliver us from 👿!!! Best clip on subjects


  • Good info! Thanx!$👍

  • This is very helpful. Thanks, Jazza, for stopping me from making a heavy mistake.

  • Youtuber: ooo 10 dollars

    MCN: Nah it’s only $7.50

  • Thanks man, I will not sign an MCN as soon as my channel grows…

  • The MCN is lying they don’t give you money

  • I'm so glad I spent years editing law school papers. If everyone knew about contracts…

  • I'm so glad I saw this thankyou so much for making this video Jazza😃