The Adventures of Gilligan's Island (Wick Plays NES) Episode 020

Currently trying out every U.S. released Nintendo game in alphabetic order. Most of these games I have not played or haven’t played in 20 years.

Most videos will be unedited first impressions of the game. Included will be pop ups of interesting information about the game and things connected by the game.

This is going to be a long journey and hobby for me, so please subscribe and join me. It should be a good time.

1.) I am not a commentator. I have no skill and I know I sound like a depressed rotting corpse. This is raw “let’s play”.

2.) These videos are recorded once. No do-overs and fancy editing. Raw footage of my first opinions they are.

3.) This is something I’m doing for fun and personal knowledge. They are not meant to be professional by any stretch of the imagination.

4.) Most of the info in the pop-up bubbles are gathered from various places on the net. Take it with a grain of salt. It is there for quick reference and entertainment. If it’s wrong, kindly correct me and I’ll be happy to make it proper.

5.) There may be all kinds of footage of me playing different games at random…because recording myself playing games is kind of addicting.

6.) For the NES Games, I’m using an official controller. There isn’t another way.

Notice: All game footage and resources used under the Fair Use Act. All proper rights for music and sound have been obtained.


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  • I was seriously on the floor laughing so hard listening to your reactions to this game. I also find Adventures of Gilligan Island a good joke to play on friends. Listening to their frustration alongside that horrible music is just so funny for some reason. Great video!

  • Ginger isn't in the game because the actress that played her would not give permission for her likeness to be used. The game was made and released because of the popularity of Gilligan's Island re-runs on Nick at Nite at the time. It wasn't released in Japan probably because the show was never popular there. A dull, boring game based on a dull, silly television show.