Hey everyone for this episode of Play it Through I take on the adventure game The Adventures of Gilligan’s Island based on the 1960s sitcom.

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  • Hey everyone thanks for watching this is not a great game but one I have had on my list to do for a long time and glad I finally did. Hope you all enjoy this one 🙂

  • Gilligan- Stop hitting him with that club, Skipper! Please!
    Skipper- Just a few more times, little buddy! I thought I saw him move!
    Gilligan- He’s dead, Skipper! For god’s sake stop!
    Skipper- I’ll be the judge of that!
    Gilligan- I don’t know you any more, you horrible human being! Why the hell are you SMILING!??

  • Tina Louise who played Ginger started to dislike her role on the TV-show as time went on, so that's probably the reason her character is not in the game.

  • With all the times that he's screwed up their attempts to get off the island it's a surprise none of them wanted to kill him 😀

  • Can you imagine getting this game Xmas morning as a kid? 🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  • No Ginger, no buy. But really Mary Ann is better

  • You never cease to impress. I guess you're taking this time to play it through a lot of those classics. I never had this one as a kid but I've heard of it before. I always have to recommend people to you on how to beat a lot of these classics. Keep up the good work.

  • I'd always heard there was a game of this show but never saw it in action. I'm glad you played it so I don't have to 😛. Regardless of how mundane the game seemed, I'm glad you made a video of it since I always enjoy your Play It Throughs.

  • JoelJoel

    Author Reply

    Also, now I want a Gilligan's Island/Lost Skeleton of Cadavara crossover

  • JoelJoel

    Author Reply

    The cutscenes are just long enough that the silence makes my headphones auto turn off. cutscenes are a point where they should have music or at least the text sounds.

  • I remember when Armake and Aqualung reviewed Gilligan's Island….. Good times!

  • Oh dear god…^^

  • I'm just disappointed it wasn't an adaptation of Gilligan's Planet.

  • They ate Ginger to survive

  • You don't have to worry about Gilligan's health, just the Skipper's sanity, having to put up with that idiot sailor!

  • An escort fetchquest? Who thought this was a good idea for the game? But given the track record of the NES with licensed properties, it coulda been worse haha. At least Gilligan doesn't have a healthbar. Great play it through.

  • Wow — you are really dwelling in the depths of the Nintendo library!

  • Wow, thanks for playing these gems, that I've not known about for the retro systems.

  • My brother got this for Christmas one year. I surprisingly got a tad hooked playing it.

  • I think the developers just couldn't work ginger into the game, but it wasn't much of a loss, seeing how she was the proverbial fith wheel in the source material.

  • I had this game on NES never heard anyone mention it before

  • Classic AF. I rented this one weekend. At a video store. It was a loooooooong time ago, my guy.