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A playthrough of Bandai’s 1990 NES game, The Adventures of Gilligan’s Island.

An interesting throw back for a license that, for all intents and purposes, was utterly dead and forgotten by the time this game was released. It does a decent job of keeping the spirit of the show and the game play isn’t bad (though the fighting doesn’t really work reliably at all, but thankfully there are only a couple of enemies that really have to be killed during the game), though the final level gets pretty obnoxious when 90% of it involves walking back and forth between Mr. Howell and Maryann. Oh well – it’s an entertaining diversion. Just be warned: if you don’t know the layout of the levels, it’s pretty doubtful you’ll finish any of the levels within the time limit. This one requires a fair bit of either memorization or cartography skill to really stand a chance at.

The video I uploaded of this a few years ago was looking pretty shoddy in its 240p glory, so I thought that I’d redo it. Hope you enjoy my play of this bizarre licensed game!
No cheats were used during the recording of this video.

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  • At least it's not festers quest

  • This one was a BIZARRE release to get to play early from the video store! I’d heard they were doing a Gilligan’s island game and expected some platformer. But truthfully I wasn’t sure how the hell it would turn out. Shockingly, it’s pretty decent and they were smart to make….it’s basically like an old point and click adventure game except you can actually move Gilligan around and interact with things. There were no guides back then so it was pretty vague on what it wanted you to do and where to go. If I’d had a better idea on that I probably would have enjoyed it more and finished it. Bandai shockingly made a decent game on that property though!

  • 13:05 Whoops…

  • "Gilligan, you idiot, that's the wrong hole!"

  • Too close to the beach! Oops…

  • Wow the rain hit really hard.

  • Ok Gilligan is Supposed to Be Wearing a RED SHIRT! What's up with the Black and White? How do the Programmers Mess that up?

  • Gilligan, The Skipper, The Millionaire and his wife, The Professor and Mary Ann; WHAT?! NO GINGER IN THE GAME?!

  • Alan Hale Jr.'s Barbaric Adventures~

  • I used to watch reruns of this show as a kid. I was always disturbed by the episodes where the castaways were getting stuck in spike traps or getting attacked by wild animals. This game depicts all those moments perfectly though. LOL

  • Hello can I use some of this footage for one of my videos in the future? As long as I give your Youtube Name in the credits atleast? It'll be just me doing a parody of AVGN. that's all. 🙂

  • Watched Aqualung review/walkthrough of this piece of crap, he also was like "Why they didn't kill him yet?"

  • Wait, where the hell is Ginger?  Did she get eaten by the headhunters?

  • Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale of a fateful trip…one of the Skipper murdering Gilligan in the most painful way possible for not being able to do the simplest of things without screwing stuff up. That is, even more so in this game than in the show.