Stand-Up and Win – SNL

Bobby Wheat (Jerry Seinfeld) hosts Stand-Up and Win, a game show where comedians (Dana Carvey, Adam Sandler, Rob Schneider) compete for cash prizes by answering topical questions with Seinfeld-esque punchlines. [Season 17, 1992]


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  • am I the only one who still has multiple lines from this skit stuck in my head 28 years later?

  • I'm so happy now, I have lived life to the fullest.

    And what's the deal with that?

  • I dont understand how people think Jerry is funny. he just seems like a dick all the time and he treats people like shit that approach him.

  • Why don't they build the airplane out of the black box? Good question.

  • Love Jerry 🤗

  • Strange camera cut after Sandler’s line. Was this not live? 4:12

  • T DT D

    Author Reply

    Oh, yeah, SNL was pretty good at one time

  • PaigePaige

    Author Reply

    The whole time I’m just thinking Barry he benson

  • way funner than i thought it would be


  • Fantastic! All great legends!!

  • “a years supply of the things on the end of your shoes, the have no name”


  • Stand-Up and Win? Aren't you already standing when you come in the building? And what about the people that lose? Maybe we should call the show "Walk in, then stand, maybe win, but if you don't, Sit-Down and Lose"

  • omg JS is hilarious!

  • Did he say Bobby Lee?

  • This is gold, Jerry. Gold!

  • did this sketch spawn @midnight?

  • Oprah.

  • Jerry and Dana look like Mick and Keith in the 80s on the icon for this clip

  • I love the fact that Jerry is making fun of his own delivery.

  • The things at the end of the shoelaces are aglets and this the age old “what’s the deal with airline food?” reference I’m guessing?

  • Who are the ad wizards that came up with this one?

  • Awful

  • Adam Sandler sounds like an old prospector. “There is gold in them hills!”

  • This is great!!

  • Lmao at everyone in the comments thinking these guys are doing Seinfeld impressions…

  • Just to stick up for Adam for a sec. It is true he cant do impersonations very well,. But on the other hand there is many forms of talents. Adam sandler is by far the most talented on in this skit. Just remember impersonations is the must over rated talent in all of show buisiness. Think about it what huge star only does impressions. Answer none. We already have the real thing why do we need someone that acts like them. The only use it has is in comedy sketches and stand up. Outside of that it's useless.

  • Definition of a good sport.

  • everyone in this skit turned into a unfunny loser

  • This sure is a classic 4 great comedians Seinfeld Carvey Schneider and Sandler
    Wow that was the early 90's