Shinobi: The Complete History – SGR [RE-UPLOAD]

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⌛ The Complete History Series…

The ultimate in-depth documentary look at all your favourite gaming franchises such as… Metroid, Streets of Rage, Shinobi, Strider, Metal Slug, Parappa the Rapper, Toejam & Earl, House of The Dead, Earthworm Jim. Space Harrier, Jet Set Radio, Crash Bandicoot, Grand Theft Auto, Final Fight and many many more

⌛ The Kick-Scammer Series…

Join us as we look into some of the very worst Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns ever!

⌛ Random Video Games Fact Series…

The Strangest Video Game Facts found on YouTube

⌛ Quickshot Series…

Random bite sized gaming facts
Footage Used…
StolkenReviews – Shinobi PS2/2002 Review – Stolken Reviews


Does anybody actually read this stuff?

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  • Did anyone else remember the "infinity shrinkens"

  • “Which I played on, you guessed it, the Amstrad CPC 464.” … I did not guess it…

  • Love and grew up with the master system and mega drive games 👍👍👍👍👍

  • How is Shadow Dancer a browler.

  • It wasn't some ballsy move lol, it was lazy art direction and a mistake. The lead artist showed the sprite programmer what he wanted the enemy to 'be like', using source materials. Something got lost in translation, and he ended up doing 1:1 with the source materials, licenses be damned and there you have it.

  • Sega didn't run out to get the Spiderman license so he could appear as a boss in Revenge of Shinobi, they had the license for another game: Spider-Man, released in 1990. So, they simply used that.

  • Shadow Dancer: the secret of Shinobi on Mega Drive is far superior to the arcade,FACTS😝

  • What's with the reupload tag on it? Why was it deleted?

  • sai76sai76

    Author Reply

    The game was influenced by the American Ninja movie. The main character played by Micheal Dudikoff name is Joe.

  • I can give you an information about Joe's clan known as The Oboro Clan

  • The US Gold code: To instantly improve all US Gold games, press the reset button as soon as the logo appears.

  • The ps2 games are some of my favorite games ever made. Growing up with Shinobi created my love and addiction to challenging combat games like bloodborne, my all time favorite game

  • Damn Daniel! Shinobi X looked supertight man. Idk…i get it if the controls were shady but man…X looked sick

  • Why do you keep saying his name as Joe Musachi and not Joe Musashi?

  • What a great franchise.

  • Don’t forget Karateka on Apple 2 E!

  • Kind of surprised there was not a single mention of Ninja Gaiden in this video, I was saw Shinobi as Sega's answer to Ninja Gaiden

  • Shinobi does what Ninja Gaiden Don't!

  • Why didnt you talk about shinobi on ps2?????

  • Shinobi does what Nintendon't!

  • I had a Zx spectrum nuff Said 😔

  • Shinobi's Back !!!!

  • As a kid and teenager I always wanted Sega systems. We were poor, so I always got a system right before the next generation came out. I wanted a master system, got a Nintendo just before Genesis came out. Wanted a Genesis got a SNES before PS and N64 came out. Anyway, because I ended up with Nintendo systems despite wanting Sega systems, I tend to love Nintendo more. I still have my NES and SNES. Don't know what my point was. Oh yeah. I was at the local place that sells retro games and found a Tengen cartridge of Shinobi for NES. Pretty fun, brutally hard. Also Shinobi for PS2 is one of the greatest games ever made

  • I was a big fan of the ps2 Shinobi games, and yes they were EXTREMELY difficult. In the ps2 Shinobi you can unlock Hotsuma's brother, Moritsune(if I spelt it correctly). In Nightshade you actually start out playing as Hibana, however you can unlock Hisui(the blue Kunoichi with the umbrella as shown in this video) as well as Hotsuma(from the ps2 Shinobi, if you have a completed game file from Shinobi on your memory card) as playable characters. Now the BIG tie in that I loved with these games is if you completely 100% ps2 Shinobi, Joe Musashi will also become playable in the game AND if you have that 100% Shinobi file on your memory card, Joe Musashi is also playable in Nightshade as well. I had too much time on my hands as a teenager lol. Was this stuff hard to do, yes indeed but my god was it was amazing to see my old favorite ninja in new age games at the time.

  • I remember buying the mega drive with my 1st 3 games.Super Shinobi,Golden Axe & Bare Knucle.Good times,

  • Releasing on Switch tomorrow