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Shaun「Way Back Home」Piano Cover

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Hi! I am back with Shaun’s Way Back Home as I recently finished my study in Hong Kong, my childhood home, and returned to Toronto, my home! I had a lot of fun and experienced so much during my little journey in Hong Kong. However, I missed my family and loved ones tremendously. As my journey was coming to an end, I decided to arrange this beautiful song – Way Back Home, a song that resonated powerfully with my experiences and my feelings. This piano piece is similar to my arrangement of “Stay With Me”, which progresses to 3/4 time, a waltz-like themed movement as it reaches the climax. Even more, a key change is also used to illustrate the incredible power of nostalgia and homesickness, and to emphasize the transition. I hope you enjoy my arrangement and my performance of this piece. Cheers!

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  • Thank you everyone for watching <3 This piece is now available on Spotify! https://spoti.fi/2PJm18g 🙂

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  • It is good song!!!!!!👍👍

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  • ❤❤❤ perfect 😢 moreeeeeeee

  • meomchun sigan sog jamdeun neoleul chaj-aga
    amuli mag-ado gyeolgug neoui gyeot-in geol
    gilgo gin yeohaeng-eul kkeutnae ijen dol-aga
    neolaneun jib-eulo jigeum dasi way back home

    Remember when I told you
    No matter where I go
    I’ll never leave your side
    You will never be alone
    Even when we go through changes
    Even when we’re old
    Remember that I told you
    I’ll find my way back home

  • Awesome…Btw Titles Song in Last Music Video PLEASE🙏

  • 3:48 will

  • i need name a song 4:28

  • Who dislike this video not found he way back home and who like this video he cant find he way back Home

  • Can you buy the sheet music for this?

  • Amazing piano play 🎹

  • Lowkey this sounds like an anime opening and it’s lit lmao😂🔥

  • Remember when I told you
    "No matter where I go
    I'll never leave your side
    You will never be alone"
    Even when we go through changes
    Even when we're old
    Remember that I told you
    I'll find my way back home

  • 0:28, okay I’ll try to learn this.

    0:29, sike.

    Edit: but for real tho, I’ll try just because I’m bored

  • Ну и красиво. очееееееень

  • Как бы мне хотелось найти ноты этой песни с аккордами 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍ну я вижу всё время аккорды почти одни и тежи!
    Очень красивая мелодия

  • 너무 멋지세요 오늘도 좋은하루 되세요!

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  • 這到底要練多久???

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    Thiss epic brooo

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  • It is great

  • setiap kali melihat ,dan berkali kali mencoba namun gagal ,kalian yang terbaik

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  • I keep seeing "Way back home" when im searching for "way to home"

  • 3:45 i started crying bcs i remembered a lot of things

    I miss her so much.

  • Lebih ngena pas dimainkan pake piano,good👍