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Samsung Galaxy Tab A 7.0 (2016) Full Review!

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 7.0 2016 review! In this video we will take an in depth look at the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 2016 with the intentions of giving you an in depth understanding of this tablet. Leave your questions, thoughts, feedback, and ideas. As always, thank you for watching and be sure to be well and peace!

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 7.0 Pricing and information:

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1. Introduction: 0-1:01
2. Hardware Tour: 1:03-3:32
3. Internal Specifications: 3:33-6:35
4. Hardware Build Quality: 6:36-9:17
5. Screen Sharpness/Resolution/Viewing: 9:18-12:17
6. Android Version/Software: 12:18-13:47
7. Samsung Special Features/Touchwiz: 13:48-18:54
8. Tablet Centric Features: 18:55-20:43
9. Audio Quality/Speakers: 20:44-22:48
10. Everyday Performance: 22:49-25:34
11. Everyday Gaming Performance: 25:35-27:16
12. Camera Quality: 27:17-29:55
13. Camera/Video Samples:29:56-30:42
14. Pocket-ability/Portability: 30:43-32:46
15. Storage: 32:47-35:10
16. Battery Life: 35:11-36:38
17: Personal Negatives: 36:39-39:39
18: Personal Positives: 39:40-43:04
19: Conclusion, who this device is for? 43:05-END

Thank you for watching, much appreciation and my sincerest Gratitude, be well 🙂

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Samsung Galaxy Tab A(2019) Review…
  • Download one shade app

  • Mine is now 4 years old and it still runs ok. But that's only because I use a game booster and developer options and even with those it barely runs. Still, I think it's cool it still works

  • gcdhvsccshfs

  • Will I be able to use Procreate and a Stylus on this one?

  • Can you download like games,apps on the tablet from play store.

  • Does it have Android update?

  • Bro giveaway your any old tab to me i am your subscriber from Pakistan here it's prices are too much high hope for your positive response

  • Will Microsoft word work seamlessly on this tab

  • Can I take a note with this Samsung Tab A?

  • Bruh it's loud!!

  • I'm interested in purchasing this device after watching this video… and would like to know if you can use Skype with this device ?

  • I have this mobile this is useless

  • Lol mine have only 994mb of storage f**k

  • Samsung not iOS Android

  • I just got this tablet about 3 weeks ago

  • I got white and im white

  • pubg?

  • my tab

  • please can you tell me from where will I have a screen resolution?

  • Its because of these manufacturer that makes such shotty tab that can't run games
    Also they provide less ram in tabs I don't know why

  • So basically it's the android version of a Kindle.

  • Does anyone know how to enable wireless display? or How I can display on my tv?

  • Bought one got only one update I am disappointed I bought it a few months after lunch

  • What is sad about this is that the tablet prefomamce depends from where you bought it aka the firmware version

  • I have this tablet but which is 16GB. 2015 version but don't have that speaker at the back. Only down

  • A great informative review. I will buy this product.

  • Still on Android 5

  • Have the white colour been 3 years now, my son use it for watching youtube and i think gonna get the black one now hahahahaha

  • Hi top class review. Thank you. But I have a question. Does it have a sim slot for my LTE data sim?

  • can u push the android to at least android 6 marshmallow?

  • I want to buy this just to play one game.

  • Pen ?

  • Hi, can I conect this tab galaxy a 7.0 2016 to my tv by OTG cable?

  • I have the tab 10.1 and was looking for a size comparison. I wanna small tablet for everyday. Watching you pick it up and flip it around was perfect for that; thank you. $100 for a little more real estate than a phone. I'll probably get burn flip phone because I have this.

  • Is this still a good budget device in 2019? Thanks and nice video!

  • I'm using the same tablet right now!

  • How to update this tab to nougat

  • Wuawie t3 7.0 try it it's really nice than Samsung tab a 7 ..

  • Can we have the Netflix on this tablet?

  • This was a GREAT review. I had to laugh at your comment during the portability section on "Gucci purse". You had me laughing there. Thanks for the video.

  • I have this tablet… thanks for such a informative video.

  • Hiç birşey anlamadım ki