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Samsung Galaxy Tab A (2018) for Beginners

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How to Use the Samsung Galaxy Tab A (2018) for Beginners

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  • Thank you…so clear and helpful….how do I learn more

  • Review perfection.

  • This video was so easy and clear to understand. It served as a good introduction to my Tablet. Thank you for doing this for me!!

  • First tutorial I have watched (I have watched a lot!) that is so clear and to the point – Thank you

  • Very helpful, thank you sir

  • Does it have Smart Stay?

  • this was really helpful for me because I am not computer savey so it helps a great deal.

  • Pls how will i put the phone app in the home screen

  • I just received my first tablet which is a Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0 2019. Every time I turn it on it requires me to enter a password. How do I eliminate the need for that password or if I can't, how do I change the password………
    Secondly, I am trying to download an App for my Hubsan Zino pro drone but it won't download. Could it be because I have not yet inserted a memory card into the tablet? If that is the case, what kind of a memory card do you recommend? Hopefully you can help me……thank you

  • My mother (89 years old) just bought a Tab A to keep in touch with us. Your video is so helpful to understand how to use it. Thanks 🙂

  • i just bought this tab the the samsung j2 does not work with the phone on this i have to get a s phone now lol

  • JamesJames

    Author Reply

    Does anyone know how to enable easy mode on this device?

  • Very good.

  • Your video is very clear and easy to understand, thks so much👍

  • …. basics … WHAT about 1st time charging battery??? Would be helpful.


  • I can not give you money but I will pray for you. May Yahweh bless you.

  • The Dial Pad is missing & I am using T-Mobile & tried Verizon sim cards how do I enable it? Using T367T Tablet

  • Thanks for this. My partner has just got one.
    One thing, why that ‘music’ in the background? Makes it difficult to concentrate on what you’re teaching.

  • thanks bud, you helped me get started

  • Can I use this tablet as phone for calling?

  • Thanks!! My wife got chumped into one of these at the Verizon Store.

  • 16B916B9

    Author Reply

    We are grandparents and our son got us Galaxy 10.1 Tab A (2019) for Christmas. You REALLY helped us learn how to operate our tablet. I look forward to finding more of your excellent presented instruction videos. Thank you very much 🙂 🙂

  • In other words it's just a bigger version of a Samsung smartphone without the phone capability. I didn't see a thing my Edge 7 couldn't do.

  • I just ordered 1 of these & have NEVER used a computer in my life. I'm 62 & a retired USPS letter carrier. I will watch this again once my Samsung Galaxy Tab A arrives. Thanx 4 making this video 4 people like me (age 62) that feel intimidated by tech, computers, & smartphones. 👊 🌼💫

  • God bless you, I needed this!!!!

  • Great video, might want to slow down just a little for all the older folks. I had to hit the bar a couple of times to go back and listen to the description again. Thanks and liked the instructions.

  • I just got the 2019 model of this with Pie OS. I guess it's kinda the same as this model from last year. I have no experience with android, so your video is very helpful. Thank you

  • thank you the best ever

  • thank you sooo very much, i do not like, i love.

  • How to restore the call function for Tab A 8" lite, without using any add-on software?

  • Hi I have a tablet samsung t-387W but I didn't find any video about it can you help me with some information please? I live in Mexico

  • Excelent 👍

  • im getting this for my mom to replace her lost/stolen Ellipsis 8. I'm not tech saavy and she's even less so, so I'm studying vids like yours so that I'll be able to show her.

  • Is there any way to watch videos or photos on a tv screen from the tab a without internet or wifi?  I mean with a hdmi connection, tv box  etc

  • great video

  • Got one today

  • Well done! Thanks

  • If the apps are not on the home screen or when you swipe up, how do you get to them without having to search for them?

  • Really well done video!

  • This video was a big help. Thanks!

  • Good job !!

  • Please talk more slow and show with white machine. Nobody can see those sideholes.

  • Please skip the music next time.

  • I was told at T Mobile that you can use this as a phone, too, is that right?

  • JayJay

    Author Reply

    Great video!

    Question: Is there a way to "lock" the screen on Samsung Galaxy Tab A, so that it doesn't keep going from horizontal to vertical and vice versa?


  • I have model # smt-380. Is that what you are demoing here?

  • Do you know of a USB c port hub to USB, HDMI, SD card that would work with tab A? I need to transfer pictures to and from my tablet using flash drives and SD cards. I've bought one and it was either defective or the tablet is not capable…pls help!!

  • i got a new cell phone june 2018 verizon guy asked if i wanted small size new tab a also for $30.00 so i bot it not knowing much at all about the tab. i never even opened box cause figured it was real similar to my new moto cell phone. was going to give new tab to my 2 grandsons in grade school bt figured they would fite over it so i kept it. now i decided to open my tab box for 1st time and it is may 2019…i actually love love this tab and love the 8 inch size…learning so much from you..will take with me on train trip this july….thanks