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Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 (2019) Unboxing and First Impressions

You may want to check out this new budget tablet from Samsung. In this video I do an unboxing, gaming test and give my first impressions on the new Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 (2019).

Galaxy Tab A 10.1 2019 on Amazon:

ProCase for Galaxy Tab used in this video:

SteelSeries Stratus Duo Controller on Amazon:

Samsung Micro SD cards:

Capacitive Stylus:



Xbox One Controller:

Flydigi Apex Controller:

iPega 9083s Controller:

iPega 9167 Controller:


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  • Thx for being honest by saying "it says u cant download fortnite" 😌😂

  • Is the screen recording good quality??? Pls say it is bc i wanna record my gameplays

  • i will bay this tap A 👍👍👍

  • I bought this Tablet, but when i tried to use a new Sandisk Micro SD SDXC UHS-1 card, I had problems, first it wasn't detecting, then it was, i moved video files from internal memory that worked OK, but failed to work from the SD card. I did format the card via the tablet.

  • Could someone please count how many times he puts his palms face up?

  • thanks for the good review! I just bought it on amazon 🙂

  • We can make calls

  • My parents bought this iPad for me

  • Jigabites😂 0:19


  • Does this have a sim card slot?

  • I am watching from samsung Galaxy tabA

  • I have the Galaxy tab A 8 inch 2019 I'm thinking about returning it to the store and getting this one you think is worth paying a little extra for the 10.1?

  • Guys I have 2 its black and grey its good😀

  • I have this tablet is INCREDIBLE I recommend BUYING ITT

  • Do you think this table is good for a regular stuff like, email, Netflix,YouTube?..I want it for my mom.she is 67 years old .

  • i did not get a sd card with it 🙁

  • I have appel ipad I think I will move to Samsung I ipad

  • Can this tablet using simcard

  • I have a question,does other stylus pens work on this tablet?I wanna buy it to make digital art-

  • Ammm is this avail right now??

  • Is it good for online class

  • who else feels like the intro bee feels like its buzzing right next to u

  • I have that tablet and my mom got it for me she gave me this a few hurse ago

  • I have the 2020 version

  • Primarily getting this to play Xbox on the go

  • First I was Hating Samsung Now When I started using Samsung Galaxy A30 Phone I got Samsung is Best

  • I have this tablet with 64gb of storage and 3gb of ram

  • What about the display, does it have a Tft pannel or an Ips Lcd one?

  • Is spen included with it?

  • I have a new Smartphone Galaxy A20s, and now i need to buy a Samsung Galaxy Tab.

  • Wow

  • This is what my 2yo is getting in 2 weeks for his 3rd birthday with a very sturdy case and screen protectors. Hes used to android so this is perfect to last him for a good few years with insurance just incase 👌🏽

  • I'm getting a tablet and I'm so excited to see tablet

  • hi if u see this pls say if gyroscope works in this divice

  • This video was really helpful

  • Hello, I would like to know if this product had a sim card slot.

  • То чувство когда не знаешь инглиш, но понимаешь 🤣

  • i currently have the ipad 6th gen that i have for already more than a year now and Im a hardcore user. i always charge it everyday lol. use for zoom meetings, games, and work. and i hope this is a good for my mom she doesnt play games or what but does zoom meetings too. i hope it's a great one for her

  • ❤️✨

  • Cant use s pen?