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Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 8.0 Review

Lanh reviews the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 8.0, what does he think of this 8 inch Android tablet? Watch on.

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  • If this one is as good as my old one, I'll be happy❅❅>justU.faith/Galaxy-Tab4?燕 My last one lasted about 4 years and I used it every day. I've read between 2 to 300 books on it. The last one was a Nook from Barnes and Noble. Love my Nook.

  • Can you still upgrade it to 9.0 pie?

  • Get the best deal for Tab 4 8.0" replacement parts. All iPhone Parts and Accessories available in discount like LCD, Batteries, Universal Return Key, Front Camera, Rear Camera, Charging Port Flex, Tempered Glass, Bottom Screws set, Wifi Flex and Sim Trays. Here the link below

  • the lcapping eddie hahaha

  • yo tengo samsung galaxy tap 4.8.0 y el precio fue de 8000 pesos dominicano

  • I'm watching this on a tab 4 8.0

  • I have a galaxy tab 4 8 inch and may I just say that this thing is pretty tough.ive dropped it on cement at least 5 times and no damage without case exempt for minor scratches.

  • tab 4.7.0 has a marvell chip and the 8.0 has a snapdragon 400 chip thats why it performs better

  • lol nexus 7 2012 is better than this

  • I like this tablet!!!😀💖

  • I got this for Christmas I think cool

  • I bought what I thought was the 8 inch one from amazon, but it was mislabeled I actually bought the 7 inch one..I dont know if its worth going through the hassle of returning it and then the extra cost involved just to get the slightly larger screen..

  • DO NOT BUY THIS TABLET. As cheap as it is, it is a good tablet and everything BUT THESE TABLETS HAVE A CONNECTION PROBLEM. i have a SAMSUNG Galaxy Note 12.2 PRO and two of these tablets (samsung Tab 8). i have NEVER HAD ANY PROBLEM WITH MY NOTE PRO BUT with this TAB YES. it keeps SHUTTING OFF by ITSELF. and i just wait a couple of hours until i try turning it back on again. and the reson i do this is because as soon as it shuts off by itself it WON'T turn back on.

  • Excellent, thank you so much.

  • how many movies can you watch before you need to charge it?

  • Is it worth buying it purely for watching movies? I currently watch on my Galaxy A5 (phone), and the quality is amazing – will it be equally as good, better, or worse on the tablet? ☺ (Someone please answer 😢)

  • I want to send and receive calls on my tab 4 and use it to replace my note 2   can it be done?

  • Question.. has anyone been able to replicate the display to a HDTV? I tried two different MHL to HDMI cables (Samsung & Generic) and none of them worked.. any suggestion?

  • Woah, Android Authority must be skimping on the budget these days….. they now have their reviewers taping their reviews out of their bedrooms.

  • good but ya may aswell have the 4.7   for the price

  • I just got one of these the other day for $100. I figured it was time to upgrade from my Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 which is also running on 4.4.2 KitKat custom ROM. The Galaxy Tab 3 runs much more smoothly with the custom ROM and being rooted but I needed more storage space and RAM.

  • I love mine………

  • guyguy

    Author Reply

    wow no blacklit buttons? no notification lights? no led flash yet? speakers arent great? low resolution screen? geez

  • I have the Tab 4 8.0 and I like it it's very good this one is better than the 10.1 no lie. But the tab pro is the best one to get it looks very well and will do the job the only thing about the 10.1 is its a 10.1 but thats all. So go with the tab 4 8.0 or the tab pro.

  • Great video.
    llike it

  • The 8.0 performs better because it uses a Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 versus the lower specced Marvell PXA1088 found in the 7.0 model.  For $50 more, the 8.0 is a beast in comparison and well worth the extra money.

  • Can anyone help me? I'm thinking of getting this or the tab4 7.0 or the nvidia note 7. Which one is better please help me.

  • If only Android was not crap and full of spyware I would get this tablet.

  • is this 3g?

  • How does the screen quality compare to the Samsung galaxy tab 3 lite because I had to return that because the screen looked washed out and was unbearable

  • Does anyone know if this tablet can use a gaming controller

  • i love this tab 4 ..

  • Big bro note 8.0 is best choice the this……..

  • the headset does not come?

  • Does it run on Wifi, or a carrier?