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Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 (7.0) Review

Lanh reviews the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 7.0 a $199 Android tablet. How does it fair? Find out in our review.

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Galaxy S7 Edge giờ đã HẾT HOT rồi ư?
  • Mine going strong for 6 years

  • ты чо там мямлишь.ничего не понятно.говори по русски

  • Bought this as a Christmas gift, and they absolutely love it==>JustU.Faith/GalaxyTab4?桁  has so many great features would definitely recommend!

  • I still have this tablet from 2016 it's great for studying, watching movie, browsing web, and listen to music
    i don't recommend this tablet for gaming or photography

  • I'm useing since 2015 still working…best 😍😍and it's not broken yet

  • Why am I watching this on my tab 4 even though I know the specs?

  • Hello.
    May i know the lenght and breadth of this tab thanks

  • D3vi_D3vi_

    Author Reply

    I had one, until it broke after a couple years. Since then i'm using an iPad :/

  • it's been 6 years i'm using this and still standing strong, this tab fell about many times and goddamn it's strong, but it has been a bit broken, like broken touchwiz, laggier, etc

  • What is wrong with having chrome??!? I mean, it is Android, which is amazing, and Android OS is from Google, and Google made Chrome, so why not use it? How does that "turn you off"? That what you said is stupid.

  • It has been more than 4 years but still it doesn't have any problem i love this tab😀😉😙😙😙

  • Mine is MADE IN CHINA

  • I am watching this with my Samsung tab 4 7.0

  • I bought a used one for 15 usd a few days ago.

  • I have been having my tablet for 5yrs now
    Still holding strong

  • I'm still using mine just ordered a mini sd card and case

  • I had this tablet for 5 years
    And now i want one again the charging port was damaged

  • 2019? anyone using this tablet?

  • katekate

    Author Reply

    Still using this lovely tablet 💟💙💟💙

  • Get the best deal for Tab 4 7.0 replacement parts. All iPhone Parts and Accessories available in discount like LCD, Batteries, Universal Return Key, Front Camera, Rear Camera, Charging Port Flex, Tempered Glass, Bottom Screws set, Wifi Flex and Sim Trays.

  • This tab sucks,this samsung dickers

  • this man look like a ice cream cone

  • I've been using this for 5 years and now I have had enough!
    Imma get a Samsung s10e after some days…..

  • Using tab 4 ahh cant run pubg or heavy games

  • Im using it right now 😂 #strong

  • Watching on the tab 4 16gb

  • 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎shame device don't buy it buy ipad mini new 500riyal tab4 is a waste device

  • Can we play pubg or pubg lite in the tab4???

  • i have had my tab 4 for 3 years still works like a charm

  • I still use my tab 4 to watch YouTube videos

  • Can you play fortnite on it

  • Its crazy, i bought my galaxy tab 4 7.0 december 25 2014, its febuary 15 2019 and everything is still pretty amazing, battery is decent definitly run down but i have no major problems, the speed is surprisingly very good, i turn it on i put in the passcode i open youtube and i get no lags, this is why i love samsung always so strong

  • Can someone tell me what is that black think?

  • Mine going strong after 4 plus years

  • I am watching this video with Tab4

  • I just want to know how to change the ringtonee???

  • Im used tab 4 too

  • My Samsung galaxy tab 4 broke now I have iPhone 7

  • My tablet has.. an IR BLASTER 😱😱😱

  • Watching this on one in 2018

  • Mines is 3 going 4 years now

  • How to update the software of this gadget ? We bought it for about 2yrs. now , but I never update it since then 😞😞 Hope someone here can help me ..

  • EmmaEmma

    Author Reply

    Um, I hate chrome, i kept on getting pop ups after I was doing something for a vid. They really née do stop pop ups and scam and virus sites really tho. Why it on mobile?

  • Hey android what kind of digital pen this table can use? For example I have this app call mediabang so I can do digital art . Any advice? ?

  • guys I need help with that tablet cause I can't put heart comments…

  • hi i have a galaxy s4 tab and was wondering if you know the full charge for those and would they last about 3 or 4 days on a full charge as well and what would the hours b to charge for this length of time… the fella i talked to this at best buy says overnight would this be too long or is this a good length of time?

  • Mine doesnt have an IR Blaster

  • Guys its lagging and slow and really annoying can someone help me ,