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Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Lite Full Review!

Hey guys! Today i will be bringing one of the most awaited videos of all time, the full review of the Galaxy Tab 3 lite that I unboxed a few weeks before.

I hope you guys enjoy this one, and if you did, do leave me a thumbs up to make that 4 days of editing worthwhile.

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  • 😀😀😀

  • DeustDeust

    Author Reply

    Him: If you don’t wanna know the answer, continues watching
    Me: How WILL we Not know if we WATCH?

  • I'm using this tablet in 2020, watching youtube, BBC iplayer 4on demand and playing clash of clans, it seems to be working great!!

  • Im watching dis with the product dat ur reviewing!!!

  • Today mine works perfectly fine. The battery is 10 minutes though. I got for free from winning a prize.

  • huawei health don't supports! !


    nice memories

  • I have mine right beside me and watching this on my phone

  • I got this when it came out and now I’m laughing so hard because how crappy it is

  • I hate this tablet becuse its lag lika a fake

  • My tablet is old 5 years.

  • I'm using this now and I don't like it I hate it and why my father bought me this stupid tab it's stupid because it hangs a lot and I really really really want the iphone 11 pro max I did not said it to my dad yet or he is gonna mad me.

    Honestly I'm using this for 6 years and its broken. My dad also is not repairing it

  • Im watching this video on the tab 3 lite and its laggy af and the touch sensitivety is so bad that sometimes it doesnt pick up that im typeing

  • Its nice its 2016 last year ya and now 2020 its okay

  • Lol i had this tablet 6 years ago

  • this tab is lag as fffffcckkkk

  • Worst tab!!
    Lags as hell

  • I am watching this on my tab 3 it work perfect I used it as my primary tab but it lags so much
    But I am happy with

  • I'm watching that with the same tablet

  • Am using this tablet

  • SunnySunny

    Author Reply

    Hi can this be used with SIM card or WIFI only?

  • I had the same exactly one but the screen is broken SAD then I got an iPad the apad was Brocken then now I have an tablet LENOVO also my screen is also Brocken DANGE IT!!!!

  • Ant die on the middle screen of my tab 3 lite.this is so annyoing.can i open back cover now means there is no problem .Is that i am right..?