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Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 Review

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Once regarded as Sammy’s prized tablet series, the Galaxy Tab has now been reverted to being nothing more than an entry model option — especially now that the Note series has seemingly replaced the Tab series as the company’s premium tablet solution. With the latest entrant to the series, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.1-inch is most notable for being the company’s first Android tablet to receive the Intel inside treatment, as it sports a 1.6GHz Atom with the Clover Trail architecture…

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Schannel – Mở hộp máy tính bảng Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 – CellphoneS
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6.x TRIỆU mua Galaxy S9 Plus có đáng?
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Samsung tab s CHÚA TỂ máy tính bảng tầm giá 3 triệu
  • I wanna have an app for recordering the screen for this tablet

  • Now also it works

  • Till it work

  • Had one and the battery life went out of it◔.◔>JustU.Faith/GalaxyTab3?阜 Liked this brand/product so much we bought another (same exact one)

  • my fav tab

  • Nadura

  • Net oprait problm other not cmnt

  • i have samsung galaxy tab 3 v

  • I have a Samsung galaxy tab 3 10.1 and it isn't good

  • Anyone else watching this on the tablet

  • can I use this with Google Chromecast?

  • would you trade a ps vita for it??

  • I have the same whit the same smooth cheap and color , really really, it is the best performance Tablet in the markets , good relation price / quality , good design ,widgets, apps , i bay it since 2014 , it work good whit good resolution , i advertise you that when it out of order , you can repair it easy in any service dealer

  • Back It Up

  • these run mkv mp4? movie files?

    bittorrent app?

  • يع

  • Mine is white. I love it. All but the camera…

  • The dual stereo speakers are pros too.

  • Is there a samsung tab 3 3G ? And wath's the difference between them?

  • 180$ here

  • Over the 4minute mark when you were talking about how loooong it takes, it didn't take THAT freakin' long what are you on about? lol

  • Am I the only one who doesn't hate this guy?

  • Where's the other guy who usually does the reviews? I kinda like him better lol

  • I search for this guy for everything Android. I think he is brillient, clear and precise. Love you JV

  • I have one and its ok except its inability to consistsntly hook up to WIFI. Sounds like a small aspect of what the tablet has to offer in full but to me its a major fucken flaw which they have not yet rectified.

  • where's the lag?     when you switch from one page to another it's instantly responsive!!   you're an idiot!

  • dude, if hitting the home key and waiting .05 seconds for it to work is too slow then you have no patience whatsoever

  • I hate this guy with that fucking annoying intro. 

  • The tablet was a gift for my granddaughter and she is pleased with her gift. Would purchase another one if the need arrive.

  • Alot of people are saying that the Galaxy Tab 3 is better than the 4. Is that true?

  • Alot of people are saying that the Galaxy Tab 3 is better than the 4. Is that true?

  • Anybody knows can you replace the battery and the Galaxy Tab 3 10 inch let me know thank you

  • pinoy ito, hahaha

  • Hi, I'm looking for a tablet around 200-300€ which has 3G and around 10" (8" might be ok too, if the tablet is superb)
    I'm currently thinking about the Acer A3-A11, but after seeing it's review I'm not sure anymore.
    I don't need one that can play Battlefield4 on Ultra, but it should be able to run Phone games like Dead Trigger 2
    Can anyone suggest a decent tablet?

  • Get a surface pro 2 or a iPad Air

  • Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 inches quality seems mediocre.

  • Hate when you click on a PhoneArena video and this guy shows up… Sigh

  • This or wait for Galaxy Tab 4?

  • I had one for all of three days before I returned it for a Nexus 10. Just a horrible laggy tablet, archaic resolution, desperate need of an additional 1GB of Ram. Stay away from this tablet at all costs. The Nexus 10 is now the same price and is 10x better in every way. Man, this thing was bad.

  • Can you pair your phone with the tablet?

  • what about OTG? thank you.

  • I just bought one of these I can recieve emails but not open you tubes throught a email but can through you tube symbol what do I have to do to see you tubes via a email I have outlook to hotmail symbol to open my emails can you help 

  • .samsung has 1000 than more features includ than ipad. I love samsungs any device and tab and note version.galaxy were win in world galaxy is king of technology 

  • Yeah guys its awesome tab.awesome feature.samsung has 1000 than more features includ than ipad. I love samsungs any device and tab and note version.galaxy were win in world galaxy is king of technology…….tksssss samsung….

  • just got galaxy 3 10.1 tablet and when reading emails in outlook hotmail the print is so small can you tell me how to increase the size of the so I can read it without a magnifier please

  • I've got this tablet like 2 days  now, in my opinion it's a good tablet for the price.
    I was choosing between this one or the Apple Ipad mini, the apple ipad air is like $200 higher in price? so I dont know where u can get a apple ipad air for $500  because in my country its €500,-  so…. maybe you can buy better tablets for 400$ but I just like samung. 😉 im happy with it.

  • guys this video came out about a year ago… at this point just get an ipad air, its much better in terms of specs for $100 more 

  • I got mine in white its so cool