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Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (7.0) Review | Engadget

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With a build that’s barely indistinguishable from the higher-end 7.0 Plus (now about $420), the tablet tacks on a marginal amount of thickness, measuring in at 10.5mm versus 9.96mm. Still, despite that extra padding it weighs the same as its older sibling: 345 grams, or about 0.76 pounds. See more here:

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  • I am watching this in my tab

  • I have this tablet like almost 7 years and it is still working lol

  • I remember having one of those…

  • TakTak

    Author Reply

    I used to have this tablet

  • Cuetom rom

  • watching 2019 using my 2012 galaxy tab 😛

  • jackjack

    Author Reply

    This was my first ever tablet

  • Im in looooove!!!!!

  • Omg I used too have this

  • This is what modern cheap android tablets look like today and that is were they got there design from

  • CodCod

    Author Reply


  • I am still using it I buy it since 2000

  • ijxnaijxna

    Author Reply

    Watching in 2018😛
    Just missed my old tablet and my first android device

  • Ooh.. my childhood

  • i am using it for a long time now and mine is working perfectly . but i have to say that it lags a lot

  • Im currently using one as im watching the video ….and its 2017

  • I have this tablet, mines is still working really fast and i have this tablet since 2012. I can do anything with it(not lastest update things but that's okay) i have root at my tablet and ppl are surprised my tab works fast. Just be good with your tablet, you have to know how to delete dangerous files and shit. I replaced the battery one time

  • How I insert a Sim Card on she!? Plis is urgently

  • i always wanted a iPad

  • I have one and im using it

  • I'm watching this on a tab 10.1

  • watching this on my galaxy tab 2 7.0

  • my crack

  • I'm getting one next Tuesday. I am so freaking excited!

  • Seeing this reminds me of how bad ICS is on this device out of the box. It gets so much better with JB. Actually only then it starts becoming fun to use.

  • s VANs VAN

    Author Reply

    would you show how to update with sd card & how it work?
    Thanks/new ser

  • im getting mines on saturday cnt wait =D

  • do u mean system apps? if u wanna delete system apps u need root+root explorer

  • I'm Buying It Tommorow

  • all the apps that are already on there can you delete them?

  • Best 200 I ever spent

  • I know how to screen shot
    Just peess the power and the lower volume at diaame time I dont have a screen capture botton but I just press it.

  • i bite my nails also i hate it

  • i love mine so if your looking to buy one i say get it you wont be disappointed

  • Your fingers are FUCKING GROSS!

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  • loganlogan

    Author Reply

    This. Much better. I have it 😉