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Samsung Galaxy S7 Review

PhoneArena reviews the Samsung Galaxy S7 – the flagship to beat for the first half of 2016. The Galaxy S7 can be easily described: it’s as if Samsung has taken all that we like about the S6 and S5, and fused it together. The result is a nice an elegant smartphone that not only looks good, but offers advanced versatility thanks longstanding user favorites like the microSD card slot or water resistance.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Review –

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  • Hi, in real life, is the gold color a flashy yellow Gold-gold or is it more of a toned down, champagne-gold color?

  • don't use the phone in the shower. When taking a shower, just take a shower.

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  • I am Going to Buy it This Month Should I

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  • My dad give me his S7 cause i always mad at my old phone cause is laggy i jave been waiting for a long time now i have the S7 and all my memerios

  • Its very awesome S7

  • Same i have s7 i am usong it right now for commenting

  • TBTB

    Author Reply

    no the S6 battery does not perform better than the S7's hahahaaaaa

  • how is the front facing camara for selfies?


  • the BG muzik iz awsum..

  • This is a great Review over the new Samsung Galaxy S7. I liked that the review also had criticism as well as an overview for the new features of the phone. The price, quality, and advancements are a very good update. I'm excited about all the new features, such as the multitasking, game launcher, calling, always on display,and water proof. Overall i would give this review 4 out of 5 stars.

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  • Are there titanium and silver?
    Or is there just one color?

  • samsung s7 worth less phone,hanging problem too much, printer print lock not work properly,this is not only my problem,about 60% phone honor suffer this problem.

  • Samsung galaxy s7 or Sony Xperia xz?

  • I thought this guy was from Android authority

  • Your voice and speech pattern is freaking annoying. Who told you to enunciate like that?

  • Good phone. I can get the unlocked version for $1,100

  • Really But Nomu Mobile S30 with MTK6755 octa-core, 4GB RAM, 64GB ROM and
    IP68 is much cheaper than this. No Need to Sell Your Kidneys LOL

  • The ir blaster was the best feature of the s4 & s5. To lose it on s6 & 7 is a reason for me not to upgrade. And no talk of Samsung pay? It's the biggest reason to upgrade.

  • Why u No Longer Turn Off Lights?

  • the best…..

  • sorry if this was addressed, but if you're on your phone taking pics and fb (not on charger) how long is the battery life? I went to a zoo field trip with my son and my note 4 and it lasted 20 pics in 3 hours and died. I need to upgrade to a phone with great battery life. i want an android and I've had mnay notes and their battery life is horrid. TIA

  • That has to be the second-most beautiful phone I have ever seen, only behind the iPhone 5s(or SE), which is still the best looking phone in my opinion, but this is still nice, gorgeous love the gold!

  • Is the silver S7 now available in US?

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  • What's the music?

  • its impossible, how does a charging port get exposed to water and not be damaged?

  • Getting this phone tomorrow! I'm going from an s5 to s7.

  • What's the name of the game which is played at the start?

  • I'm still on s3 🙁 I think 700 is a lot of money for a phone bcuz u still paying every month