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Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Blue Coral Unboxing | Android 7 Nougat | Quick Hands On Review In 2017

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Blue Coral Unboxing With Android 7 Nougat Quick Hands On Review In 2017. See The Galaxy S7 Edge Coral Blue Exynos 8890 Indian or UAE Edition. This Is My First Video With Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Blue Coral Version. This Device Has Pre-installed Android 7.0 Nougat On The Box.
Soon I Will Upload The Full Video Series Of Galaxy S7 Edge Hands On Review, S7 Edge Android 7 Nougat Benchmark, S7 Edge Gaming Review, S7 Edge Camera Test And Many More Videos About Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Android 7.0 Nougat. So Stay In Touch With TechHubBD .

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  • i have one like this.

  • I have this bad boy in this color and it's gorgeous! Even though it's refurbished and the battery isn't performing like new, everything else about it (gaming performance, the neat little features , screen quality, etc.) runs like a dream! I recommend getting one with a guaranteed excellent condition battery so the experience is fantastic across the board. By the way, android Oreo is what it'll upgrade to (max) and it makes the phone look and feel smoother. The greater amount of control over notifications and stuff is also nice, but that's all the improvements I've seen so far over android nougat. Things that came with the S8 and S8+, like those cartoony stickers and the clock style, are also on the S7 edge. A theme that looks really nice with this color variant: BluefluidsUX

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  • Using it! Great phone

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  • Most beautiful s7 edge colour

  • thats the one i have the exact color

  • Call me a psycho but I don't mind if my galaxy S7 is yellow or purple or whatever.. as long as it serves me well..😁

  • The colour of a smartphone does not determine how well it's going to perform in real life situation bro.. so if u ask me, I'll say I don't really care about the colour of a smartphone provided it does what I tell it to.

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  • is this color available in the s7?

  • What colour would you guys prefer for Samsung s7 edge? Black, blue coral or gold?

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  • How is screen on time? And How is the battery backup?

  • U r wrong mate in India its price is 50900 rupees not 35k

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