Rubbadubbers: Soap Hockey (EASY) (2004)

This is a game of ice hockey between Terence and Reg and it is possible to play a one or two player game.
In a one player version, the player controls Terence with the arrow keys or the mouse. Reg is controlled by the computer.
In a two player version, each Rubbadubber is controlled by a player.
The arrow keys or the mouse operate Terence and the W and S keys operate Reg.

Move your Rubbadubber up and down the ice, so that he is in the best position to save goals and to score goals.
A point will be awarded for each goal scored (some of the pucks in the hard level are worth two points each).
Whoever scores the required number of points first wins the match!

NOTE: I had to play all these games without background music, as it’s to avoid matching third party content.


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