Round house project by Planner 5D Android app

Link to the Project –
Action Time Frame:
0:00:01 – Creating a two floor house
0:00:09 – Round first floor will be created using Magic Cube tool
0:00:51 – Building house foundation
0:01:11 – Creating First floor rooms
0:01:36 – Adjusting Wall Thickness
0:01:44 – Creating a terrace
0:01:49 – Deleting all walls, thus creating place for railings
0:02:19 – Creating Second Floor
0:03:04 – Deleting walls and creating solid space
0:03:08 – In stair area we hide ceiling on the first and floor on the second floor
0:03:46 – Creating a railing
0:04:51 – Creating Second Floor balcony
0:05:07 – Creating wooden railings
0:06:22 – Creating terrace railings: glass and wood
0:08:34 – Creating stairs with Magic Cube tool
0:09:08 – Do not forget to create a roof
0:10:03 – Creating landscape
0:10:43 – 3D HD Snapshot

❕ When watching the video, turn on the subtitles to get a deeper understanding of the steps

❕ Keep in mind that the same project can be created with other Planner 5D supported platforms and devices (Web/Browser, Microsoft Windows 10, Android, iOS, macOS). There are only slight differences in some icons and navigation tools.
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