Red Dead Redemption 2 #70 – "Gilligan's Island"

There’s a “3 hour tour” joke in here somewhere but I’ll spare you.

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  • I'm sorry but Stephen just going "Wonder what would happen if I don't walk" just makes me imagine their whole line just faceplanting either into each other or the sand.

  • My main regret in regards to the deaths in the last few episodes is that Mikah wasn't among them.

  • the guns themselfs are fine. you just rush your shots. in this game the longer you take to pull the trigger the more accurate the shot.

  • the thing that I can't get out of my head is that this is called "the new world" I find a lot of meaning in that

  • In the middle of the rainforest: "Is there wildlife here too?'

  • 1:02 your reaction is hilarious

  • What a change of pace! Arthur's definitely outside of his comfort zone here.

  • I’m not usually one to body shame, but Micah has a gross belly button. Also, I don’t like him.

  • Guarma isn’t a new “world”. It’s just a plot device to bridge the gap between escaping Saint Denis and returning to the US. That being said there’s 4 Guarma specific birds and 4 Guarma specific snakes to discover

  • “Did I crash land on an island?”… yes, Arthur’s plane went down… this is actually a new season of lost


  • 20:40 I just realized…. The whole game, there's been Guarma rum everywhere. Now, you're in Guarma. It's like super subtle foreshadowing of a sort!

  • We interrupt your regularly scheduled Cowboy simulator to bring you Far Cry

  • 156th day of school!

  • Well this feels really Wild West to me. . . I expected them to wash up on the beach on the original world map, not a new one entirely.

  • Man this whole episode had me at the edge of my seat! I so hate Micah. Such a dickhead

  • JC4RJC4R

    Author Reply

    Growing up playing Jet Force Gemini, it is so weird hearing all those pig noises at the end of the video.

  • Stephen, make sure to take some time on the island between doing the stranger mission and the mission with Dutch, and fully study and hunt all of the critters (I think there are 10 in total – with a bonus of a sea turtle). Some of them are only found on the island – most of the feathers and pelts can be used for crafting in a bit.

  • "I ain't no sailor, but uh, does that cloud look like good news to you?"

    The game may as well have shouted to the Heavens that you were going to get shipwrecked.

  • This isn't a Gilligan's Island reference I'm doing but I gotta do it: "WILSON!!"
    Or in Arthur's case, "ASCII!!"

  • Now, imagine this.
    Instead of the island, Arthur wakes up in a cart.
    "Hey you, you're finally awake. Walked right into that imperial ambush, just like us, and that thief over there."
    It's Skyrim again.
    Todd Howard, you did it again.

  • I've played through all of red dead and thought I 100 percented it but for some reason it feels like Stephen has done more stuff in the game than me and now I want to replay it

  • Yeah on the list of things I was expecting, Arthur and his small group getting shipwrecked wasn’t anything I saw coming.

  • Think about who is left at Shady Bell. Sadie knows how to fight, Charles if he got away, and Uncle? Unless Charles made it back will the rest of the gang know what happened? What will they do? The Pinkertons may know where the camp is and the O'Driscoll gang definitely does.

  • So is this the only place to get a perfect iguana pelt for peirsons bag crafting?