PSP Hacks: How To Install PS1 Games on PSP | Save Space and Customize – 2020 Edition

Welcome to another PSP Hack Tutorial video. Today we take a look at installing PS1 Games onto our PSP Consoles. Please make sure to have CFW. If you haven’t already installed that check out the links down below.

✖✖✖ Links ✖✖✖
Pop Station GUI App

PS1 Roms

▽ Original PSP 1000 Box Review

▽ GBA Emulator Tutorial

▽ 7-Zip Program

Helpful videos!
▽ How to hack your PSP 1000/2000

▽ How to hack your PSP GO!

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~ Disclaimer ~
I am not responsible for any damage that happens to your system. Please follow all the steps carefully and if you are hesitant about something please STOP and ask questions or do your own research. Make sure you have a good running computer, charged battery, power cable connected, and a reliable USB cable to prevent any damage to your console.

I will not in any way replace, pay, or fix your device. Proceed at your own risk.

This tutorial was created to help fellow enthusiasts and users of the Playstation Portable. I do my best to clearly explain the steps necessary to accomplish the task at hand mentioned in this video. I do NOT consider myself a professional but more as an amateur and mostly an enthusiast.

All credit for any applications, emulators, games, and any other utilities should go solely to the creator. I do not own any of them, however, I do own the created video, voice-over, and a PSP console shown in this video.

This video is not intended for children under the age of 13.

Thank you for watching, I really do appreciate it.

– Reynaldo Robles Junior

– Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.


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  • Saw Croc.
    I see that you too, are a man of culture

  • It won't work it says its infected with a virus

  • Can you check the link again. Can’t download as it’s infected with virus.

  • it wont let me download the gui file: sorry the file infected with a virus

  • Thank you so much for the video!
    But can you tell me where can I download PSP roms on the same costume firmware, please?

  • mine is saying that the information of protection of copyright is invalid……wth is that?

  • First i tried to download GTA 1 but when i unpacked iT i only got bin files ?

  • Does this work with other platforms? e.g. PS2, GameCube, Gameboy?

  • I followed this and my psp will load the psx rom and it’ll start but gets stuck on the first boot up screen

  • how can ı save

  • So sorry to crap on anyone who likes coolroms but this sight is overall faster and doesn't require you to use some sketchy download manager

  • I like how you call it "Gooey" It's actually pronounced G U I (GeeYouEye) GUI standing for Graphics User Interface

  • Never trust a .exe rom download. You wouldn't usually need an installer for such small games. It usually just downloads malware. When you can, just download the game directly

  • link please

  • I wish I had someone to do this for me, I’ve never done anything close to this, and have such little understanding and experience with this stuff

  • What should I do if I click on accept instead

  • J McfJ Mcf

    Author Reply

    What if it says cue error

  • Will this work with ps2 games?

  • brother, im gonna need that wallpaper you got for your desktop. nice video btw

  • KenKen

    Author Reply

    Can this work in cfw 6.61?

  • This guy telling me that compresion deletes files we don't need

  • Works perfectly

  • I tried doing it like you did but i couldnt see the ps1 game any where? What can i do?

  • when I start the game it gets stuck in the menu where you can quit game and change the disc. it doesn't let me press anything

  • oi hooi ho

    Author Reply

    It works, Thanks you. Can you do this for multi disc games? I know u can use psx2psp, but that method will not compress the game.

  • it always says cue invalid or sum like that

  • I’m greeted with an eternal black screen.

  • Incredible man, It worked… My brother used to have a little store wich repair cellphones and eletronics in the past. Today I found a PSP covered with dust, the battery is dead so I plug in with the power cord and it turned ON… Now I'm here on youtube trying to emulate Future COP LAPD a game that I loved, and after your tutorial it worked fine… I gonna talk to my brother and try to find the owner after I play a little…lol Thanks!

  • Got it to work….Only game so far I can't get to work is "Twisted Metal 4". Is it because it is over 500mb in size?

  • I just tried to down load a PS1 game (Twisted Metal 4) from your link and the Real-Time Scan said it contained a Virus and deleted it instead. I temperarely disabled the Rear-Time Scan and was able to download it. Now It won't let me to open it in my downloads under administrator and just says my computer doesn't have the content to open it in so many words. I have a three month old computer with the latest windows 10. Want to install my first game so bad… What am I doing wrong?
    I installed the 6.61PRO-C with infinity 2.0 on my PSP GO with no problem…Thank you Robles for your awesome videos.!! What do you think is the problem with the above?

  • i got question here. how to play ps 1 game with 2 discs

  • How do you play PS1 games with multiple discs?? Please help 🙂

  • Did you know that .exe rom file is a non wanted file and it haves kind of pop ads and when you click on the .exe app is a fake browser with that means that's not secure

  • is this working with mac?