Photopills vs The Photographers Ephemeris vs Planit Pro | Photo Planning App Comparison!

Today I do the ultimate test between Photopills vs The Photographers Ephemeris vs Planit Pro! It’s a big all things tested…test…for time codes see description…conclusion: 32:23

If you’re wondering which one to buy…you need to watch this so you can make the right decision before spending your hard earned cash on the planning app that will really suit you and your style of photography.

Here are some timecodes if you want ot skip to certain points:
Photopills: 4:02
Planit Pro: 11:45
Planit Live: 19:07
The Photographers Ephemeris: 20:42
The Photographers Ephemeris 3D: 27:40
The Photographers Transit: 31:17
Conclusions: 32:23

Photopills tutorial:
the 500 Rule:
Clear Outside Weather forcasting app:

My Favourite Photographers:
Nick Page
Ben Horne
Michael The Maven
Thomas Heaton
Curtis Judd

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My Equipment list:
Godox AD200:
Star Tracker:
Big tripod for tracker:
Sony A7iii
Samyang 14mm
Batis 25mm
Tamron 28-75mm
Sony 85mm
Manfrotto 055 Tripod
Manfrotto ball head

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Music by:

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  • Great review. Thank you very much. The 3d visuals looked great but I won't go iPhone just to get it 😄

  • I have pills and TPE, I prefer TPE for some reason except the augmented reality setting on Pills. I love TPE 3D. Long story short I need both.

  • Yu ZuYu Zu

    Author Reply

    Dude, your channel should be among the best photography channels. You don't deserve 32.4K subs, way more is your worth. Thanks for all the tutorials and information you shared till today.

  • Thanks Mike for This great comparising,

  • Mike, thank you for an incredibly comprehensive, in-depth review of these three apps. It's really helped me decide on a way forward now I've decided to plan my landscape shoots more carefully (and even dip my toe in milky way photography). Although I have TPE and Photopills, I think Planit Pro will meet my needs best, which surprises me as I came to youtube looking for vids on TPE 3D. Thanks again.

  • This video was well worth the wait and watch. I use Ephemeris, SunCalc, and Clear Outside. Your opinions on each app is great. I can always learn something new and you give that new information. Thank you!

  • thank you

  • Hey Mike PhotoPills does have a kick ass widget that I prefer to the Planit Companion app- just saying

  • Great stuff as usual! Still split between Photopills and Planit Pro, I own them both.

  • Mike, thank you for making this video. It was very informative. Do any of the apps support downloading data for offline use? I was shooting the Milky Way and tried to use PhotoPills Night AR, but I had no service.

  • Good comparison and review, Mike — just way too short and shallow (just kidding😁). Photopills closest for my needs. Appreciate the extra attention you paid to details in this vid: pics v screen shots to different backgrounds, and props like sunglasses, headphones, lens, coffee cup, and Transend SD cards. Need a spreadsheet to assess features vs. device model, OS version, special hardware specs. Wish developers would list all a la carte in-app purchase fees up front. Saw a few camera specific fields (in Photopills, I think) — in your experience, do developers post timely app updates to cover new gear?

  • Very great video. Photopills and planit pro for photographers are my favourite. Wonderful comparison between apps. Great.

  • Excellent. Thank you Mike. I do have Photographers Ephemeris on Android and now see why its crippled! Thx

  • Waited until 2am for this..sorry fell asleep. Then got busy flying fpv….erm i mean crashing fpvs haha. Ok watching now. Thanks for this….I know it is gonna be valuable like all your content.

  • I just watched the second Mike Smith video of the week. That means I have to go to work tomorrow, right? Wait, it's Friday. I am so confused…lol. Great overview of these apps, Mike. I absolutely love Photo Pills. I do also have the Photographer's Ephemeris, but generally get what I need from Photo Pills. I am super excited that we are getting close to Milky Way season. I can't wait to see some of your Milky Way shots this year. Thanks for the info, brother.

  • I use PhotoPills. Thanks for the great info Mike…

  • Thanks Mike. Great job. That really helps. I think it's PhotoPills for me.

  • Wow. Thank you so much for this fantastic video.
    I wish to ask if any of these apps will put an event such as morning golden hour into the calendar (iOS or Google Calendar)?

  • BazzaBazza

    Author Reply

    Thanks Mike, for another great video. I've been using photo pills for a while and after watching your review I think I made the right choice and have been happy with it.

  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Awww I needed this. Thank you so much, Mike.

  • Great video. I hadn't heard of Planit Pro. I just use an android phone so not sure if its worth it but having dark sky feature built in is a big plus. Thanks Mike.

  • Great information, and good overview of the apps and their individual advantages. Thank you! Seem like I'll go for Photopills……

  • That's a lot of information, Mike-whew! No wonder it took you a little while to edit!