Overtime Madness 2018 Mountain West Championship #25 Fresno State vs #22 Boise Full Game Highlights

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  • Uh yeah, put Fresno St against the Cornhuskers and see what happens, 😂 I think we already know who would win

  • 4:19? player could have took it for a TD

  • Lol the game started with Fresno state not being able to see the Boise state players and ended with the Boise state players not being able to see the Fresno state players

  • That first Fresno TD should've been called back. Lineman was held bad. But I could care less cause I don't care about either team😂

  • Go Dogs!!! #559

  • Id love to see UAB play one of these teams

  • Boise is camouflaged. Cheating. Fresno was lucky it snowed.

  • Too bad about the Spoiler in the title: "Overtime Madness."

  • It’s not just a Fresno thing, it’s a Valley thing, Go Dogs , much love from Bakersfield.

  • BSU all the way except when they play FSU. Great game on both teams.

  • great game! lots of great championship games this year

  • dudes name is Monster!!???

  • I'm from Bako not far from Fresno and know ppl who go to both schools. Proud of Fresno State!

  • Awesome game!! Hopefully someday the Pac 12 Championship will be this good 😂

  • S AS A

    Author Reply


  • Let's go dogs!

  • What a great game. Football at its finest

  • Better then the rest of the championship games besides bama vs Georgia

  • I froze up just by watching the game 🌨

  • It was a great game

  • We got pretty lucky to block the field goal

  • Jeff Tedford has really turned the Bulldog program around. Before Tedford got there, the Bulldogs hadn't went to a bowl game since 2014. In just two years he has made Fresno State football competitive again with two West Division titles, two MWC Championship game appearances, and a conference title (2018).

  • I don’t think y’all understand the textbook level of play Atkins did at 8:10 the kids gonna be good.

  • Definitely Boise State and Fresno State are the best rival in the MW conference. These two programs are MW supreme teams. NOW GO BEAT PAC12 TEAM AT THE LV BOWL.

  • J BJ B

    Author Reply


  • I am a hardcore Boise State fan, and I want to say that it was a hard-fought game on both sides. Of course, I wanted and expected Boise State to win, but that was not the case. I wish Fresno State the very best in the Las Vegas Bowl. I hope they win, and I hope they win big, whoever they play.

  • 8000 miles a way from fresno….Go Dogs.

  • Where Ohio State Game??

  • 1:59 Kinda buried the lead there dude.

  • I always like both schools

  • Y’all think they will keep Georgia in the top 4

  • First