NBA 2K20 – How To Use Player DNA (Tips)

NBA 2K20 – How To Use Player DNA (Tips)


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  • Doing this work mycareer?

  • Awesome man thanks bro!

  • how you change jumpshot

  • Can you edit the takeover of the player?

  • I'm trying to put the new Kyle kuzma updated hair on my roster it doesn't work

  • Can we use DNA from the players that you made?

  • Ok but how do you use the player you just created?

  • Damn 2K patched the appearance part. I imported the face I wanted but it wouldn't let me change his hair or facial hair

  • Will it I’mport there tattoos to a created player?

  • Great video bro, this helped me out a lot. 👍🏻 Thanks!!

  • Can you make a video how to create the Professor, Tjass, and Bone collector shooting forms and dribble moves please to use for your my character on nba 2k20

  • Is there any way to export your mycareer dna?

  • I tried this for first time 4/14 with a default roster player ( John Davis SF ) dude went from a 65 to 86 with Klay Thompson DNA..

  • How to you transfer your My Career DNA over?

  • Make a drippy face here not in park or mycareer

  • How do you change there takeover

  • You make me feel happy bruh

  • This was dope AF thank you now how many DNA saves can well save like for example say I create a player but want Kobe Bryants everything except his appearance

  • Is there any way to delete Shared DNA, without deleting MyPlayer?

  • Thanks man this was helpful

  • when I use player dna for my own draft class the nba player I use game highs carry over. is there anyway around that ?

  • Sup bro, do u know how to cyberface?? If u do can u please make a good knicks drose??

  • Does this still work ?

  • Is this patched ?

  • You know how to add tattoo in created player?mod?

  • How do u add more than 18 players on an nba team?