Naruto Clash of Ninja – Full Story Mode Longplay (GameCube)

Naruto Clash of Ninja (European Version) – made by 8ing/Raizing / Tomy Corporation. Full Story Mode using a new Save File, played by me. Gameplay directly captured from the Nintendo GameCube Console.

#Naruto #NarutoShippuden #NarutoClashofNinja

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  • Ah, the nostalgia. Gaara was always a pain in the ass to fight.

  • SmokeSmoke

    Author Reply

    So you mean to tell me I played this game 5 hours a day. I swear to god when I completed the story mode I replayed it

  • Hello love

  • ええ、、

  • Why this game has the name of clash of ninja when is clash of ninja 2 🤔

  • Still play this game today in the year 2018, (anyone else)

  • ótimo

  • 10:57 says kakashi sais die..

  • This brings back memories when i broke my controller because i couldn't use puppet users in story mode

  • Ew sub

  • clash of ninja in gamecube is better.
    on wii is shit.

  • Memories….

  • I had a relative that had this game but they wouldn't let me play I guess they were afraid I would kick their ass 🙂

  • Can you please change your title and description to the correct game? Naruto Clash of Ninja and Naruto Clash of Ninja 2 are two different games.

  • 0:48….

  • isnt that naruto clash of clans 2 ?

  • help me my game looks completely dif then urs

  • we should play one day NSR3 on wifi, it will be great xD

  • such great memories "orewa sensei hokage minaru" :.) you didn't let the com to stand up >:D I still remember my reaction when I realized that Haku was a men,
    22:15 Sakura looking at the mist xD 24:50 kakashi is a kickass character when he counter a special move with the sharingan…Naruto using sexy jutsu vs Orochimaru lool, you do a flawless victory with Hinata, Neji wins…unfair…epic battle sasuke vs gaara, and naruto vs gaara, specially the soundtrack of the naruto's battle!