Naruto Clash of Ninja – 4 Player Battles (GameCube)

Naruto Clash of Ninja European Version (made by 8ing/Raizing / Tomy Corporation) – I’m playing some 4 Player battles. HD Gameplay directly captured from the Nintendo GameCube Console!

#Naruto #NarutoShippuden #NarutoClashofNinja

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  • Man this the best naruto game . I remember my auntie purchased this game for me for my birthday. When it first came out. This game is actually what got me into the naruto franchise I been in love with the show ever since

  • いきなり2対1になるのほんと草

  • Why does everyone else suck?

  • Cool video 😍😍

  • Cool video

  • Pause at 4:16. Freaking awesome.

  • Back when ur content used to be good

  • さすがに下手やない

  • Ugh the music is perfect

  • 14:28 "Naniiiii" lol to good

  • How do you lose to Difficulty 1/ 2 CPU players? As someone whose favorite fighting game is this and has played this religiously to the point of calling himself an expert at nearly half of the roster, I can tell that you're playing at either the weakest difficulty level or one above it. Because Difficulty 3 and 4 CPU block the entirety of your combos and don't randomly get hurt during them.
    With that said, Difficulty 1 or 2 are rather easy to beat in this game. Unless this was your first time picking the game up, then I could understand. Or maybe it's just me, since I play at Difficulty 4…

  • Me to shadow master

  • naruto apa ini

  • j

  • Wait is this Clash of Ninja 2 or 1?

  • he lost

  • cough power stone ripoff cough cough

  • English please

  • this is my favorite game and i have and love it

  • Nostalgia. Love this game

  • best game ever