Monopoly for the Switch: Review – SGR

This game has 1 of the biggest flaws I have ever seen. #GameBreaking

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  • I bought this game about a month ago and have never experienced any long loading times, if you like Monopoly then you should definitely pick this game up!

  • a lot of the times i swearthe dice is rigged and favours CPU players.

  • I wanna play with family online in another household. 2 here 2 there. Is that gonna work?

  • What a useless review. Like..there's clearly more going on there than just basic Monopoly. You're showing footage of some theme park thing that's asking about action cards. There's house rules that can be turned on and off. You're not going to show us or say anything about the options there? Just spend half the video going on about a loading bug… That was worth mentioning, but your video completely fails to inform people about the game itself.

  • I used to play monopoly on Iphone all the time. This is a huge departure from how fast paced the game used to be. People take forever with their play, the controls are somehow bad, all the extra animations just eat into more time spent in a single game, most people wont even stay the whole game and will dip out, resulting in a 45 minute bidding war depending on all the property they had. The number 1 flaw is the dice. Many games applaud themselves for incorporating real physics, but I hate how the dice are tossed and bounce like we're playing monopoly on the moon. Even the announcer is incredibly annoying especially when hes saying shit thats completely random.

    They have a lot of shit they need to fine tune 3 years later, I only bother playing with AI at this point. This game should NOT be $40 period. Even on sale at $9.99 is pushing it.

  • Loading time was fix so your opinion is not valid

  • This game is awful. If you really, really enjoy Monopoly, you will hate this. You can't see the full board at a glance. What you are given is a mouse's eye view that zooms in and out. You can't tell who owns what property nor do you know how to plan. I can't describe how much irritation this game will cause you. The play of the game is slow-paced as well.

  • DekuDeku

    Author Reply

    I know it’s old video now I don’t have load time problems but I feel the starting money is to low and I really don’t like that some properties with only one house 100 2 300 bucks for landing on them is kinda unfair. And some properties with 4 houses can net 600 I feel if you could increase starting cash amount could fix it

  • I only paid $5.20 for it 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Does this game give you the ability to play this online with friends?

  • I prefer the wii one

  • I hope there is a particularly nasty place in hell reserved for the people who support Ubisoft and EA.

  • This game is AWFUL. I urge you to play Monopoly Streets for the prior Gen consoles. You will actually like that version. The lack of customization for rules is crap on this gen consoles.

  • are there different boards? or just the one

  • Starts at 1:17

  • Hahah, I really like your deep voice, funny af😂 Do you maybe know if they fixed it yet? I was considering to purchase, but definitely a no-go if the loading time is this extreme

  • Wow, was just about to order this, until I watched your vid. That is atrocious. PS2 had monopoly party, and that was instant……and brilliant.

  • 38 quid for a set of 3 games,this, risk and trivia

  • Did you try updating the game by pressing start while having the game selected on the home menu and then clicking “Software update”?

  • Got the PC version for free. It's alright but it doesn't beat having the physical version with people playing it with you. I guess it's a patch that needs to sort out those loading times.

  • Monopoly's frame rate is also not very smooth and fails to focus on the mechanics or to make you feel in control on what's going on. Fortune Street, if it ever comes back on Nintendo, plays much simpler. It doesn't have the best looking design but is much easier to see what belongs to who and makes it fun to make quick deal tries… which is the core reason to buy a non digital version of this game instead. Not much was gotten right. I'd rather calculate the money myself with the lag.

  • Just standard game of monopoly huh? Ok ill buy. Cant find the cd for my pc version anyway.

  • Great Family Game

  • But can you play against CPU players?