Mini-Game Coaster (Hard Course) | All 42 Consecutive Mini-Game Bonuses! | Mario Party 2

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Welcome back to my playthrough of Mini-Game Coaster on Hard difficulty for Mario Party 2 for the N64!

Last time, Donkey Kong and Wario, the powerhouses, went through the normal course of the coaster and got every (30) consecutive bonus for all the mini-games played from worlds 1 through 6.

This time with Yoshi and the princess accompanying him, they embark on the hard course to try and make it through with all 42 consecutive bonuses which they were able to do! It wasn’t without its complications though I mean… world 7 is a b*tch of a world with Honeycomb Havoc and Abandon Ship being the hardest in the whole coaster (aside from the final mini-game with the 3 baby bowsers of course), because with Abandon Ship we have to deal with the annoying mechanic of the ending to the mini-game which there’s no clear winner and it’s random who gets to the top first. It’s easier on Super Hard difficulty in Mini-Game Park, believe me I have beaten it. The other mini-game that causes trouble is Honeycomb Havoc and why is that? The computer players, when given their chances, are going to screw you so hard that they’ll force you to get the hive, and on several occasions. They even screwed me over hard when I got the fruits down to the last 3 before the 1st hive and what did they do? They each get one fruit, leaving the hive for poor ol’ Yoshi… and they did it… twice.

For Lava Tile Isle being the one mini-game that’s so easy to get a draw on, I count them as draws, even if the coaster counts them as losses and while that is true, it is technically a loss, coaster or not, if I don’t go into the lava before the mini-game says “finish”, I count it as a draw. Unfortunately, it’s still a loss regarding the coaster. Why couldn’t it be like Bombs Away when even if more than one player is left standing, they all win? So sad.

The final mini-game Shell Shocked against the baby bowsers is goddamn ruthless to no degree. They kicked my ass 16 times before I was able to get them all on the 17th attempt, cause they will never hit each other, they will always come after you and you can get cornered easily in that game.

For Deep Sea Salvage, I got 2 bonuses that gave me triple digits and the same triple digits to boot. (222 as an example) My best attempt at that mini-game, I acquired over 30 coins and got over 1100 coins as a bonus but I believe for my final successful run through world 8, the number of coins I got for beating Deep Sea Salvage came to 1184! (32 coins collected in the mini-game)

I hope you enjoyed the mini-game coaster playthroughs and seeing the bonuses when they get up to the max which is pretty cool seeing it being 99 lives and 99 coins, which gives you 9999 at the end, it doesn’t give you 100 lives or coins as they’re only an extra life but is only maxxed out at 99.

Hope you enjoyed and I’ll see you next time for more mini-game playthroughs as I’ll be going through Mini-Game Park to play all the 4P, 1 vs 3 (also as the 1 player), 2 vs 2 games again but also play all the item, battle, duel and special mini-games as well! 🙂


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  • Luigi was jealous that your streak was better than the Undertaker @ 45:03. Best elimination clutch saver ever. God Bless.

  • Abandon Ship may as well be a purely luck-based minigame with how inconsistent the outcome is.
    To think no Mario Party title beyond the first two have had their own authentic Minigame Island outside of the Top 100.

  • 41:05 Well you certainly made Satan happy, 666.

  • I got 22 total fails in World 7, surprisingly, I failed more times in Honeycomb Havoc because the computer players are really against you in that one, and only failed 2 less times in Abandon Ship. Failed once in Skateboard Scamper but once I got past that mini-game, it was more relaxing to play cause the rest of the mini-games (until Shell Shocked with 3 Baby Bowsers in World 9) are easier to get through.