Minecraft Hardcore Deaths Compilation #1

Minecraft Hardcore Deaths Compilation #1

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    Here is the link

  • If you die to a creeper then your bed

  • 3:50 ese pierde todo el tiempo, debería jugar una partida normal xD

  • Donde están los pinches comentarios en español

  • The one with the anime avatar actually made me mad bc she literally had a stone sword and was hitting it with a steak

  • Jumps off 200 block tower. Does. “WHAT THE FUCK, THIS GAME BUGGED!!!!!”

  • 5:41 why I don’t use shaders…

  • how come no one brings milk to nether to prevent withered status

  • there is no life insurance here guys

  • "Like and subscribe in the next five seconds or you'll have one year of bad luck."

    Um… Dude, it's 2020. I think it's too late for that.

  • 0.06 is a greek youtuber Axel

  • 0:07 hola amigo I cut grass for burito

  • Why is he like “hmm very intresting” 7:08

  • 6:55 why didn’t she use her shield…

  • 7:23 : ITS Like- BOOM

  • What's the name of this guy????? 1:14

  • 2:30
    worst one (for me)

  • Does Sizter purposely die?

  • I like how most of them are from creepers and people who literally have shields but don’t use them

  • EchoEcho

    Author Reply

    “Mom can we have Tyler1”
    Mom: “we have Tyler1 at home”
    Tyler1 at home: 1:43

  • sizterdo me trash tho

  • I dropped my fucking burger watching this 😭

  • 9:30 “hes still hitting me” backs up goes directly back to spot where being hit

  • 9:03 "hmm. I realize that the iron golem's attack range is far enough to hit me if i go this way…… lemme keep going this way"

  • 3:51 Really Are u serious

  • Fuck you to say or one your have bad luck stop

  • The guy who says "no dude" everytime he dies he us wasting his time on hardcore he should start playing on normal or wasy

  • 0:58 why is no one talking about how funny all this shit played out

  • the bald one is the one that appears the most and dies for any mob

  • Helllllló noobok

  • 1:10 I feel really bad for him he sounded so sad 🥺

  • I was laughing at how the slowed down scream of “THE GAME BUGGED” sounded like a cow’s moo HAHA no offence

  • Ok whats up with all you noobs thinking eating is gonna save you from anything wether it be a skeleton or zombie YOU CAN BUILD FOR A REASON JUST FUCKING SURROUND YOURSELF AND HEAL fucking dumbasses. Im not even a streamer yet i feel hard mode would be ez
    Also learn how to use a fucking shield

  • ทอ-ไอ-ไทย