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McLaren MP4-12C | Top Gear | BBC

Jeremy Clarkson takes to the wheel of the incredible McLaren MP4-12C as it meets its deadliest supercar rival, the Ferrari 458, in a full track test.

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  • It’s faster than the veyron let that sink in

  • Clarkson doesn’t hit the bump. The tire bearly hits the grass. Slow the clip and you’ll see

  • That is such a Beautiful car. I would have it in Yellow or Black Though. Always have been in love with the McLaren. Best cars on the planet.

  • McLaren is special but Ferrari is 'Speciale'.

    Ba dum Tsss

  • How they have changed all the missing zing in the P1

  • It was a big deal at the time to be quicker than a Veyron. Started looking up every car that could afterwards

  • And that car was James's car during the first episode of Series 18. It perfectly fits his personality. Detailed and meticulous. In contrast, Jeremy is dynamic which explains the choice for a Lamborghini Aventador.

    Side note: the Series 18 competition should be MP4-12C vs. Aventador vs. 911

  • the world

  • lmao active aero was a big deal back then

  • How the McLaren didn’t broke it ?

  • TwoTwo

    Author Reply

    You can’t beat mclaren unless you have a Bugatti of course lmao Ferrari well what do the Italians say “minimum effort maximum satisfaction” that says a lot.

  • What's that blur at 1:41 on the left?

  • 0:55 ….name of tune plz

  • Even today I find it incredible to see the McLaden drive that well, look that good, and sound that terrible. Sounds a lot like the cars in Broderbund's Stunts video game. Good thing they got it right with the recent models.

  • These are becoming cheap…temtped to buy get one in a year or two, but a corvette c7 z06 is half the price, and will cost $2k a year in maintenance vs the $20k the mclaren will. That's if the glass gearbox won't explode…..Nah, talking myself out of bad decisions lol.

  • In 2020 thats still my dream car!

  • woww mclaren jenis ini nih yang ringsek di tol jagorawi

  • To be honest, I sort of expected the 12c to be faster than the veyron. The veyron has almost double the horsepower, but weighs as much as mountain.

  • Top Gear is nothing without these three, the adverts running on bbc news at the moment are an embarrassment

  • bruhbruh

    Author Reply

    1:25 HOW

  • The MP4/ 12c is underated

  • what I love about McLaren is that they seem to listen to customers and their cars just keep getting better and better

  • what I love about McLaren is that they seem to listen to customers and their cars just keep getting better and better

  • Even after 10 years I still absolutely hate the look of the modern v8 ferraris

  • Forget about the Maclaren! No one can beat the Legendary Jeremy!!

  • I’d rather have a 458

  • Does somebody know if the colour of the top gear 12c is „chrome-orange“ Ort normal orange

  • Now you know, the MP4-12C is faster than the Koenigsegg CCX. Hell, that says a lot.

  • "the flap in the back raises while you brake hard so that you can't see what's hitting you in the back" classic clarkson👌🤣

  • The Ferrari was special because it was naturally aspirated and had a limited slip e differential and ssc to help it drift. The Mclaren used an open differential and didn't have the software so it couldn't drift. Looking at the 765 lt videos they've come a very long way since.

  • "I dont know, I only wear socks Jeremy"

  • Would still rather have the McLaren

  • This video was made about 8 years ago and those cars still look fresh in 2020

  • I'd say the MP4 12C, yes, it does sound like a copier, or a color printer, is for driving nerds. Technical excellence and fast lap times. I think I would appreciate that as a driver. I am sure I'd appreciate the nice ride on the road.

  • Mclarens are cold, fast machines made to go fast while lambos are machines born to bring joy.

  • Go McLaren mp4 12c

  • That car is cool but between it and the Ferrari 458, the 458 is better!!!

  • The Ferrari and Lamborghini and other supercars expect alot from the driver, but McLaren doesnt. It tells u to not to worry about anything, just sit back, relax, and let me take care of everything…

  • The Mclaren also doesn't have a glove box what was Ron Dennis thinking of! 😂 Lol

  • McMoneyPit