Let's Play Trails of Cold Steel III (9): A New Card Game

Chris and Michaela tackle a long-awaited sequel in America: Trails of Cold Steel III! It’s time to see what new adventures await Rean Schwarzer and new ways to make him a sad boy. Can he make things work with a new Class VII? Will the old members show up to save the day later? We’ll find out in this blind playthrough.

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  • Altina Bonding looks same as Laura Bonding in Trails of Cold Steel 1 when in comes in Chapter 5: Signs and Omens Monica is struggling in the swimming distance, she & Rean are also cheer her up

  • If you make a bond with Musse you'll get her Character Profile

  • Looks pretty hard to play card game i mean way harder then blade 1 oh rean havent told anyone about rosine and thomas well hes told not too

  • You may have found out by now but Vantage Master is actually an old Falcom game they released in the 90s. They released an English version for free online in 2002 which you can still download and play.

  • Bonds =/= Link in this game, from what I've seen. So feel free to bond the hell out of your new students without worrying about how that will mess up your party potential (although I do think all of these new kids are pretty good party members anyways, and tbh Cold Steel isn't that difficult of a game (especially now with the inclusion of Brave orders) and essentially any party can get you through just fine.) IMO it's also more interesting/more fun in your first playthrough to spend time interacting with characters you know nothing about versus talking to those we've known pretty well for the last 2 games

  • Love watching ya'lls videos…but red-haired Rean has to go. Sorry, just feels like it's the equivalent of the crazy costumes ya'll are doing for the current TOCS 2 play through. I know ya'll are just doing that for fun given it's the second time for that game…but this is a new game, and the first play through. Just doesn't feel right when the main protagonist is walking around looking like a totally different character. It's like having Laura walk around as a blonde, and Emma walking around with green hair…those just aren't the characters we know. Ya'll can do what you want of course…just saying, it doesn't feel right seeing Rean look like that, and it's a bit of a disappointing distraction, given this the game we've all been looking forward to. Just my opinion of course.

  • Star anise is a real spice I use a little in my multi spice blend. If used right it adds a nice layer of flavor to the food.

  • Actually it does the AI for vm is rigged on nightmare since it will spam healing effects on the npcs master card on nightmare faster then you can damage it and with a 20 cards deck limit you'd either would have your own master card die on nightmare mode in like 2 to 3 turns or use up your entire deck trying to outdamage the constant healing the npc's use so only play vm on very easy only then do nightmare runs still on a ng plus run and simply skip vm completely on a ng plus run besides for the 2 parts of the game that your forced to play it.

  • So far I've noticed that all of the side quests that haven't been given to you a.k.a the "hidden ones" seem to be more noticable and the extra star events. Not sure if it has something to do with the difficulty since I chose the easy difficulty because I want to be more focused with the story and not fight too many enemies to level up or they're all noticable in all difficulties.
    I gotta say that Vantage Masters feels more strategy based than Blade was. Blade felt more luck based because no matter what you did, almost every time Rean's friends won against him. Here VM feels rewarding as well since you receive cards when you win. At first I felt confused on how to play it despite the explanation given at the start and I lost against that kid.

  • Unlike CS1 and 2, Bond and Link are different things. You gain more Link by fighting together, and more Bond by, uh, bonding. Link is what decides all your combat stuff, and Bond is just, you know, event thingies. So even if you never did a single bonding event with someone, you could still get all the combat bonuses if you just stick with them in combat. Kinda like it, kinda eh, since it was cool that you become better fighters by being better friends, but on the other hand, this also allows your non-Rean party members to get all the cool combat bonuses.