Let's Play Pocahontas (Sega Genesis) – Part 1 – I Can Make Her Run

Let’s Play Pocahontas (Sega Genesis Game) Part 1! We’ve been wanting to do a Pocahontas playthrough for awhile now. Lin’s been on the lookout for the game, and our friend Jess got it for her birthday!

Max, Lin and Mack will be doing a full Pocahontas Walkthrough, meaning we will cover the entire game. It will end with the Pocahontas game ending where John Snow leaves because he got shot or whatever happened in the Disney movie. I don’t recall exactly. Our Pocahontas series will feature 6 video releases.

The Pocahontas game is pretty interesting. It was developed by Funcom on contract with Disney. It’s got songs from the Pocahontas soundtrack like Paint With All The Colors Of The Wind, Just Around The River Bend, and Savages! The animation in the Pocahontas game has really nice flow and looks beautiful. It’s interesting to see how many in betweens the sprites have. The backgrounds are really nice too. The games pretty much an interactive art piece for the film.

The gameplay is pretty slow paced, and a tad clunky but it’s not too bad. In the game, the player plays as Pocahontas and Meeko, switching between the two frequently to overcome various obstacles, with the help of NPC Flit. It works decently well, but I think I’d have rather seen the game feature co-op elements where player 2 played as Meeko.

Pocahontas doesn’t fight, she instead learns abilities from her animal friends, such as the ability to run. There was an old Pocahontas game commercial we reference in which has a young lady exclain, “Look, I can make her run!”. Because, I guess that was a revolutionary new gameplay mechanic for the Pocahontas Sega game? I guess it was like a Pocahontas Trailer for the game anyway. It’s pretty silly.

So GameFace has played Goof Troop, The Lion King, Aladdin, and Pocahontas so far. Let’s keep this Disney train going!

GameFace Intro/Outro music from Flapjack Studios: Tokyo Tinkle composed by Justin Wiles.


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  • super nintendo from the 1993 and we sill have it

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