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If You Take Coenzyme Q10 Everyday This Is What Happens To Your Body

12 Reasons People Should Take Coenzyme Q10 Every Day – Coenzyme Q10 Health, Beauty and Performance Benefits
Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) is a vitamin-like compound that plays a crucial role for energy production within the body, including the heart, also it helps protect the cell membrane and the arteries from oxidative stress and from inflammatory damage. Deficiency of CoQ10 compromises the function of cells, and people with certain conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart problems, Parkinson’s disease, gum disease, as well as those taking statins that are cholesterol lowering drugs, tend to have low levels of CoQ10.

CoQ10 is an essential nutrient and has a number of beneficial effects, and represents an important natural treatment for a variety of health conditions.

The health, beauty and physical performance benefits of CoQ10 include:

Is Needed for ATP Synthesis

Improves Sport Performance

Reduces Feeling of Fatigue

Helps Protec Against Muscle Damage

Helps Protec Against Oxidative Damage

Helps Improves Energy Production by the Heart

Helps Improves the Heart Muscle Contractility

Contributes to Lowering Blood Pressure

Is Vital for the Nervous System Health

Protects the Skin from Toxins and Free Radicals Damage

Is Needed To Manufacture Collagen

Helps Prevent Atherosclerosis

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  • I am taking this for 3 months now.. i love it..

  • Be mindful and add 80% or higher dark chocolate! In your daily supplement ; 💕

  • The elephant in the room is the extent to which it is absorbed & active. The type/form of CO Q10 is a huge issue. So is what you take with it.

  • Great video and valuable fact. Thank you

  • "At the age of 70 I felt energetic and confident" my grandpa said♡

  • For dibetes can take Q10

  • Sir tell me medq10 tablet benefit

  • Just out of curiosity, did anyone experience improvement in the "male" hardware area!?

  • I quit the statins and use coq10 daily and it has helped me recover from 10 years of statin usage.

  • In honor of this guy, I added one 100mg coq10 capsule to my daily routine

  • can we take it along with multivitamins

  • Excellent presentation. Thank you.

  • Currently taking this, and it really improves libido and mood that sertraline withdrawal caused:)

  • I have been recuperating from muscle rhabdomyolysis after taking statins. It has been 6 weeks since I’ve had a dose of statins which I-vowed to my physician that I would never take.a statin again. I was walking around totally weak unable to climb the stairs, in pain and felt I was in a slow death mode. But three days ago tried the liquid form of Qunol liquid CoQ10 at Cosco and I have taken three doses since then and I feel 60% improvement to my inflamed tired muscles! A long story short I very much recommend this product.

  • Very informative, thanks.

  • Thank you 🙏

  • I've been taking CoQ10 even after finally getting off the satan drugs they put me on for cholesterol control.

  • This was the best explanation of CoQ10’s full spectrum benefits. Thank you abundantly!

  • I really liked 'listening' and 'reading' at the same time. It helps my brain absorb and understand what I'm learning, quicker. Thank you 😊

  • I just ate a whole q10,I'm going to eat another one after watching this.

  • Thanks doc.

  • Yup. Coq10 is amazing. Getting a quality brand of it is important too. I have been taking the life extension product for years now.

  • Hi

  • Wow! Thanks! Doctors think they knkw it all !

  • Thanks

  • TQ for….sharing…good information

  • Thank you for all your information

  • Hallo My namer Isa Luigi

  • Pensavo di provare le capsule da 200mg

  • I started taking this after I got in a fight with Thanos and had to use the infinity glove to set everything back to our proper timeline because of Cern and the Mandela Effect and when you use the Thanos glove half of your body turns black, but then I started using CoQ10 and now I can snap my fingers again it's a true miracle

  • my only complain is that my skin is soft, supple, firm and glowing.

  • Found out I have some major heart problems 2 years ago. I asked the cardiologist about taking Coq10. He shrugged it off as if he thought it couldn't hurt but didn't really see the use. Now I am am much improved without surgery and on a regular exercise plan. I am 57 and feel better than in my 30s and 40s as far as physical condition. I am a believer in Coq10 and exercise.

  • Thanks a million. May the Lord bless you richly

  • How much does a 66 year old woman need to take daily?

  • After starting using coQ10 my resting pulse went from 72 to 65/66. I do not have any diseases or heart problems…I am 66 and still fit!