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How to upgrade Samsung Tab 10.1 P7500 P7510 SGH-T859 from Android 3 to Nougat + Roms full class 2019

Important updated info

Update video U PAD Rom

“U PAD ROM” for Samsung Tab 10.1 models P7500 P7510 & SGH-T859 – Full install + Tips 2020

Update : Do not install Twrp 3.x seems that some devices hang forver in the boot up – Please install this Twrp instead , just flash the Zip in Twrp you already installed reboot back into revovery and Twrp will be downgraded / Flash as zip dont unpack

NOTE : Before asking anything girtst Like Subscribe Watch video THEN ASK – at least if you want to be aswered 😊👌

DCAtF XDA dev is the supporter and dev of these 3 models and he is for years already working on this project – for the lucky users …

In the previous video I showed Unbrick and update to 8.0 how ever why use a system in Alpha stage while you csn have a great Rom under Nougat 7.1.2 Aosp ?

So in this techturial upgrade from Android 3 to 7.1.2 and all you need to do to get there – Also besides the
Aosp roms from DCatF I also dressed the 3 Roms
to have great look and feels aswel 2 Appstores Protection Scanner Radio and some more great apps such Radiodroid world radio Youtube and for those that Root a Firewall …

The Twrp you need depends on your model
choose the right one
After installing above twrp flash below to downgrade to 2.8 to prevent bootloops – Read carefully

Update : Do not install Twrp 3.x seems that some devices hang forver in the boot up – Please install this Twtp instead , just flash the Zip in Twrp you already installef reboot back into revovery and Twrp will be downgraded / Flash zip in Twrp dont unpack –

Uploading the Roms I modded to MacTab Roms
And the untouched Roms can be found
Here :

My MacTAB Roms (Same roms as above but now dressed

Link for SFH T859

Link for P7510

Link for P7500
Good luck

Video Channel48
By Puck Darlington for PuckRom 2019

Nguồn: https://lpmndc.org

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  • Hello all new Rom "U PAD ROM" for Samsung Tab 10.1 models P7500 P7510 & SGH-T859 – Full install + Tips 2020

  • jheah! This video really helpful buddy! I managed to install the ROM considering i'm a total beginner :). It takes sometime but I managed to do it my self, so thanks a bunch! Only 1 thing i noticed so far, I can't play the youtube it says "There was a problem with the network [400]". Any idea why? Thank you.

  • why don't you use YouTube vanced

  • i am really noob at this, but i wanna try , what do u ppl suggest should i try it on own or take t to professional?

  • I have installed Naugat to Tab p7500 p4wifi. At initial I made mistake by flashing twrp 3.1 due to which naugat installations was getting stuck for long time.

    I gone through the video description and comments then I flash Twrp 2.8 and Installation is succeeded in 15 mins.

    Thanks 😊

  • how to worked samsung i905 10.1?

  • Hello sir, I have a samsung galaxy tab 2 10.1, like the ones in the video, but my model is different. its the sgh-i947, and im confused as to what to do because theres really no videos out there that talk about updating my model type… if you could help, thatd be great. Thanks 🙂

  • Tq.. I already upgraded to u pad rom 😁😁😁😁

  • can i do it in sch-1905 variant?

  • thanks man u saved my dying tab

  • Hi I have Samsung Tab 10.1 P7500. I am so lucky to come across your videos as I really wanted to update my old tab. However, I followed every step and I ended up having soft brick, even tho I already downgraded twrp from 3.1. Eventually I managed to unbrick it and have installed stock ROM in it. I'm ready to do it again but Im worried it will still end up soft bricked. I think my only problem is that I didn't unlock my bootloader and that's why my tab was having bootloop everytime I installed custom ROM while recovery mode. Please help me sir

  • This is worked, thanks!! idk why my youtube is error 400 but overall is good.

  • Hello, @channel48
    I really wanted to know if there was a way to use Google apps on the tab.

  • Hello! Thanks for these tips. I have 2 questions: W10 doen,t works for this actualization? Do you have the Odins 3.11's link?
    Tks one more time!

  • what version of odin should we use

  • What kind of twrp software should i use

  • So I'm at the install part of the process and it seems like it is taking forever to install the zip on to the tablet…any tips or just let it go till it finishes?

  • Thank you so much, u saved my tab GT-P5100.

  • bro please help i have installed usb drivers but my internal storage not showing

  • you´re a star….love from portugal


  • Please can use a laptop with windows 8 operating system

  • Frst how to download that app which you made recovery frm laptop…i need ua help plz

  • It worked perfectly. But when i check with root checker. Its not rooted properly. And how do i install apps from play store? Most of the apps are not working


  • yang.yang.

    Author Reply

    hello kind sir, I would like to know if this method would work on a Samsung galaxy note 10.1 tab? I've been trying to update it but due to the pandemic all shops near us are closed right now.

  • Everything worked fine !!! But Some of the apps are crashing. can you please help me on how to uninstall default youtube ?

  • Thanks I am able to upgrade, but I am unable to see my old data. though I can see size occupied is same as before uprade

  • the tablet keeps going back to macphone and doesnt open

  • hello @channel48 apps like zoom , prime video , hotstar aren't working they close as soon as they open please help

  • Is it possible for 4.0.4

  • What do you do after downloading the twrp,where do u get the software from

  • Hello @channel48 at 13:00 the drivers are not being installed nothing is happening on windows what drivers do we need?

  • Does the SIM card works after the upgrade?

  • Hi @ channel 48. Where can i get the correct version of Odin 3 for this upgrade. Thanks. I am trying to upgrade my P7500 tab with the Nougat

  • I have the model p7501 will it work on that? (Looks exactly the same as yours)

  • New IOS X modeled Rom "U PAD ROM" for Samsung Tab 10.1 models P7500 P7510 & SGH-T859 – Full install + Tips 2020

  • thanks you for all! but why Gmail, youtube etc.. account doesnt work?

  • Hello channel48, thanks for the video, just one concern, no text input for my wifi Password connection, hope you can help me out here, thanks again…

  • Thank you 😉

  • Hi I have a Samsung tablet 10.1 but I couldn't fix it my self if you can fix it for me please

  • Awesome! Thanks, it works verry good !

  • It's taking to long to install rom what should I do?

  • hi may you please send me the link i have a p7500

  • Very good video, it really helped me, I had that tablet a long time ago, now I will give it a new life thanks to you, thank you very much, very good explanation, the only video that really helped me

  • Channel 48,
    After hours of watching and rewatching this video (since I'm a complete beginner), I finally figured what I had to do, and rooted my device. Glad that it worked. Thanks to your foolproof method the tab (that I got from my grand-dad) just got converted to a whole new device.
    (Also, I wanted to ask about the issues while setting up an account, and whether you have any suggestions or alternate ways for using Google apps)
    Thanks and regards.

  • great video just one request, con you do a video for a galaxy note 10.1 gt-n8010?

  • Excellent job, ook al was het even een gepuzzel met zowel de juiste usb-drivers, de juiste odin versie én de correcte rom, is het mij (beginner level) toch gelukt. Echter lukt het connecten met de wifi niet…. is dit bekend bij u, en heb je hier een oplossing voor? taki tangi

    Samsung gt-p7510

  • I have searching for this solution many years finally you made it possible. Awesome Job! Keep up the good work.

  • I don't have windows 7 will my device crash on me?