[How To] Import Online PS1 Save Game Files To PS3 Tutorial

Today’s tutorial is a simple one, and it applies to both jailbroken and non-jail broken PS3 systems.

Basically get your save game file from Put the extracted .PSV file on your fat32 thumb drive in the folder path: PS3EXPORTPSV.

Insert USB on right most port on the PS3, import it through XMB, and get ready to have a lot of good times!
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  • this works on a ps2 classics save game for ps3?


  • tks dude!

  • thanks

  • Awesome tutorial! Got the online save for the PS RE3 on PS3 working perfectly in no time!

  • Can ps3 game save on sd card?

  • thanks man, you have no idea how much this just helped my ass!!!!!!!

  • heh like what? 4 years later? the CBPS reverses the fucking .PSV format

  • nc

  • Is this the same for psp saves?

  • Thanks

  • How do I transfer ps1 games save files to ps3. So I can use them on my ps3. I have tried. I just keep getting corrupted files or files that don;t show up. I am using pal uk/eu game saves

  • I just found out about this today, thank you for the video, I am going to try this soon. I want infinite ammo for resident evil 2-3 and Dino crisis I can’t beat those for crap.

  • I downloading driver2 save game but the save data in ps3 is read corrupted Why ?

  • Thanks a lot dude… I've been trying to get a Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelists of the Roses file on my ps3 for a awhile… have a like and sub

  • I have a pretty unique situation, I think? Anyone… help!?! I already took MYYY FFVII .psv save out of my ps3 via usb/sd card combo, turned the file into an .mcd file (full memory card file extension)with MemcardRex, then I put the SD into my phone and did some folder/renaming magic so I could use it on FPSE. Now I've made huuuuge progress in the game (including getting those very annoying 5k points at the stupid speed square) and I'm ready to put the save back into the PS3. The problem is I can't go in reverse and export saves from the .mcd file on MemcardRex and save them as .psv files again… I only have the option of saving them as .mcs, .psx, .ps1, .mcb, .pda, .mcx or RAW single save files!!!! So wtf now?!?! Will someone please just point me in the right direction? My brain already hurts and I feel like the answer might be a lot simpler than I'm thinking – and POSSIBLY right in my face! And no, I don't want anybody else's save file ffs. I would have done that already if that's what I wanted :[

  • Please, help me, I did everything you did, and still, it won't show any file! it recognizes the USB but it is not showing any data – file or whatever, and I have all kids of formats of the saved games, and nothing! what I am doing different from you here? please, beg you, help!

  • What if it’s a ps2 save? Do i name the file PS2?

  • I have a question, I have Final Fantasy VII PSOne Disc 1 & 2 but the 3rd disc is missing (lost or stolen). I was planning on buying the full game from the PSN Store, once I have done that and launched it, will I be able to continue my gameplay from where I left off from Disc 2?
    Also great tutorial, I think it helps in most cases but I'm not quite sure about my case.

  • Ok so I've played Parasite Eve on epsxe and I want to use the mcr file on my psp with the eboot I made for the game. How can I convert the mcr file to be usable in the psp so I can access the save file?

  • How do you do this using a HARDWARE ps1 memory card? I tried using freemcboot to copy it onto a usb (via ps2) but my ps3 didnt recognize it. I was thinking maybe epsxe would, and perhaps I can create a new save? Lol I got 8 hours of an RPG I dont want to loose

  • Any Idea how to turn raw save data to ps2 files?

  • Hey how you doing brother I know it's been a while since me and you talk but guess what I found something new with the PlayStation 3 did you know that you can also add gme files to the PlayStation 3 for PS1 game save files? I'm pretty sure you don't know what I'm talking about but if u go to your Filezilla folder and navigate to dev_hdd0 go to savedata folder then go to the vmc u will see all the Virtual Console PS1 and PS2 memory card I found one program that I can import the game saves from the PS1 memory card the vm1 files are for the ps1 and the vm2 are for the ps2 files awesome right? 😊But anyway I went to and I use the program call memcard Rex 1.8 that's for the ps1 vm1 files it depends how many save data is on that same file but the program can't see it until you download it and go to all files when you are using it I did manage to find something for the PlayStation 2 is well but I have a little bit of bad news the ps2 save builder does not work however I did find something for that too that didn't stop me in the words of P Diddy LOL there is the other program call mymcv2.6 for the ps2 it comes with a whole bunch of files that you had to put in a folder and it works the same way as the PS1 it's up he only works for VM 2 files but anyway this is my gift to you for being a great friend and a great teacher check it out I know you probably got a Ps4 by now lol but it's all love at the end of the day but when you can check it out I think you're going to be amazed I hope I didn't talk your ear off but this is something I wanted to tell you what I found out it all happened over Final Fantasy 8 I was just trying to do a file transfer and I needed help but the PS3 had a PSV protection on their system so that's the reason for all this

  • You sir are a life saver ❤️

  • Thanks man this is really helped me

  • @Project Phoenix Media, how can someone convert a raw or mcs to psv? all converters sofar can do all types except psv, they only can READ from psv (it suggest that psv files are signed by a ps3 key). I only have a nonhacked ps3 and a hacked psp (wich might be helpfull in some step maybe) I also own a hacked ps2 (ps3 is not capable of ps2 games) explains the fileformat… crap, I see crypto mentioned, time to buy an adapter (15 bucks)

  • most are psx emulator saves though so good luck

  • cej82cej82

    Author Reply

    I know this video is old, but thank you. I recently got the itch to play Resident Evil Directors cut. I still have my original save files with everything unlocked on my old memory card but I cant really use it anymore coz I dont have a PS1. So the next best thing is on PS3, I didn't feel like unlocking everything again, so I just downloaded the files lol.