How to Get Started with a Digital Planner | Digital Planning 101

have you seen all the rage about digital planners but you want to know how to get started with a digital planner, this is the video for you! I recently became OBSESSED with digital planning and using the Goodnotes app to plan my day, my content, my WHATEVER and i wanted to share that with you.

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  • All about money money money -10

  • Does anyone know if I can “integrate” my work calendar with my google calendar??

  • How did you teach yourself to make one?

  • Can I add a meal planner template to an existing digital planner like yours?

  • You’re darling but all over the place. I didn’t learn a lot. Like how to import it. Thanks though!

  • I'd like to purchase one of your planner but I would like to know which one do you think would be best for a teacher. I don't know much about digital planners so I'd like to have your opinion. Thanks

  • Enjoyed your video. I have a question – does goodnotes work offline and then re-sync when you have wi-fi available?

  • Follow Weave, the Power of Thought App

  • Do you have a For Dummies video cuz I have watched several times and don’t get it.

  • I can never find the link below, where do they hide it

  • I notice that you have some moments where your camera is set up to film from over head, while you can be hands free and doing something else. I'm teaching math through distance learning while we're in this lock down, and was wondering how you do this/what is your setup? Right now I'm struggling to film videos for my students that view the paper from above, but are also hands free (so I can write and work), don't shake or tremble (trying to hold while writing and filming), and are also sufficiently lit so that there aren't shadows and students can see what I'm doing. HELP PLEASE! I need guidance on how to set this up…do I need a special light or a special tripod? I'd appreciate any assistance you can give (lol and I'm sure my middle schoolers will appreciate it too!). TIA

  • What the app called

  • Hold did you get your pages to flip from one side to the other? (Love your planner by the way…)

  • can't find roadmap planner

  • Your intros are waaaaaaay too long.

  • Yes!!! I’ve been struggling to ditch my paper planner but I’m a digital girl! This is awesome!! I can’t tell you how excited I am about this!! Thank you for sharing!!

  • Can you link the calendar on the planner to google calendar?


    Author Reply

    it took her literally 5 min to get to the point

  • Can I use another type of stylus or pencil bc I have the iPad mini 3

  • J EJ E

    Author Reply

    Tried to add the 2020 planner to my cart but my cart keeps coming up empty?? Anyone else experiencing this situation? Also, tried to follow you on Instagram from your site link and it appears to be broken or removed. Are you still on Instagram?

  • Let's save forests by going digital!

  • Face.

  • Can we type or do we have to use the pencil?

  • I still enjoy my physical planner, for me its just not the same to use my iPad and Apple Pencil.

  • Does your planner work on notability too

  • I’m not gonna skip your video, sis! I hear you! Shame on them ☹️

  • Omg omg omg, are you serious!!!! This changes everything for me. Completely in love. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS VIDEO.