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How to download and install Microsoft Office 2010 for free without product keys.

Please watch: “How to get Microsoft expression encoder 4 pro for free (product key) 100% working 2017”


This video is all about how to download and install Microsoft office 2010 in laptop and pc. This video will help you to download office 2010.

Microsoft Office 2010 download link:

Microsoft office 365 download link 2:

Nguồn: https://lpmndc.org

Xem thêm bài viết khác: https://lpmndc.org/tong-hop/

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  • That site is a threat, i found..yes, attackers might infect your pc …link to the screenshot – https://prnt.sc/to7pv9

  • July 25, 2020. This is legit its still working till now, thank you for this tutorial

  • It works….Thank you!!!!

  • Thanks! I had finally upgraded to some reasonable version of office!

  • Having problem….Asking to activate. Please help

  • thanks bro

  • 2020 still works, THANK YOU 👊😁

  • THANK YOUUUU. you just save my life for doing thissss.. thankss

  • good way to lose your files. ALWAYS DOWNLOAD FROM THE OFFICIAL MICROSOFT WEBSITE OR YOUR PC WILL BE INFECTED FOR SURE. www.lizosoft.com – only official downloads and authentic product keys. Excellent prices. Due to cor virus, prices have been slashed on official products, check it out. www.lizosoft.com – I bought mine from there and cant recommend enough.

  • Wow tanx so much It worked..God bless you

  • Free full office – do-link.pp.ua/gfd54


  • well, it works. thank you for sharing. God bless

  • Halo anjing

  • JakJak

    Author Reply

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa my ears

  • i have followed all your instructions and the downloading file size is 2.2 GB whereas in the video it was showing 700 MB. why like this?

  • works perfectly fine, thanks a bunch, any issues I will update in this comment but if you dont see any – it means so far it is working fine

  • Not working fack voido

  • Latest 2020 Microsoft world ka crack ka click on

  • Does this still work now?

  • Ziuar Rahman….Khaleda Zia's Husband?😅

  • Ty mate , works fine

  • Thank you!! It effin works!!!

  • hi its not working, it says password protected!

  • Please answer-
    1- do I need to uninstall the preinstalled version of 2007, before installing 2010 version?
    2- also please let me know if I uninstall 2007 then does it affect on my pre existing word, excell or ppt etc files. Does these files also be deleted with the uninstallation of 2007?