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  • Daaaa

  • I'm butt ugly. I've been told I'm ugly all the time. Would this help me too?

  • 8:22 "But Fuck it…" That's the plan, Zues, that's the plan.

  • You need to re-upload the video without that blur

  • Hey bro, Your “The Godly Texting Guide” this only for Texting on Girls phone numbers? What if i cant get her number?! Or This also for Chatting on Facebook Messenger ? Answer me Bro Based Zeus, i want to understand this, Thankyou.

  • What’s with the blur in the middle of the video?

  • Step 1: six pack

  • Bro Aphrodite is ur daughter
    Alabama confirmed

  • We do not deserve you. My dad doesn't teach me ANY of this

  • 0:54

  • Basically , there's no hope for me. It was nice knowing you my Bros 😅

  • 0:15 Idiot, you are a dating god not making god, remember?

  • Fool 10 out of 10 hoes are dillusional and narcissists.

  • Based Zeus, sign me up for the Godly Texting Guide. I am watching this video late and need this guide. A fellow Basedlympian.


  • Me: dates a 11


    Also me: a 11

  • "Hot and cool"
    shows pic of keanu reeves

    😂 5:04

  • People learning texting wtf ? I am alive or it is a dream

  • getting a girl in 1 step:

    step 1: be good looking

  • I guess age is just a number

  • I think james bond watches based zeus

  • 1919

    Author Reply

    4:29 why did I laugh so hard at that lmao

  • A girl with 10 looks and 10 personality? Lol those are called unicorns because we all know that doesn’t exist.

  • James Bond always knows what to say because he's fictional.

  • Am sure Zeus never hit a 9 or a 10..

  • I haven’t been laid

  • Yeah, mate, but James bound is a fucking fictitious made up character 😂
    Nice try tho.