How to Become an Artist for Video Games – RIOT Games Art Lead Charles Lee

In the past twenty years, video games have evolved from relatively simple screen representations to complex 3-dimensional worlds where the characters seem to leap off the screen. Along with more complex imagery, the job of video game artists has evolved into a number of different roles, each with its own distinct tasks: concept artist, 2-D animator, 3-D animator, and 2-D texture artist. Charles Lee talks about his career path as a concept artist for RIOT Games.

Charles Lee is co-founder of Kazone Art. He is currently Art Director at Sony Pictures Animation (Formerly Art Lead at Riot Games).

Currently, Charles teaches Environment & Vehicle Design for Entertainment at Kazone Art (LIVE Online Class). This course focuses on the fundamentals of designing an environment and character for video games and film. The student will learn how to select reference and study in composition, digital painting, lighting. This class is essential for the student who wishes to create an awesome art for a portfolio.

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  • I had Charles as a teacher for many years and learned a ton from him, more than I did at Art Center. Definitely an amazing teacher and skilled artist

  • I want to take art classes but in my place here in the Philippines its kinda difficult. Also i think im taking the wrong college course.. I just feel its not in line with what i want to be working in the future.

    -Edit: the interview actually is pretty helpful for us beginner artists who still have no knowledge abou the industry.. A lot of thanks for this channel❤

  • Watch Jim Sterling.

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    Why can't I find Associates in Art D: It only comes up as a degree!

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    My dream job! 😖😩😫😤😤🙂😭

  • 6:10 thats it right there! thats how most people get into the industry
    your skill will only get you so far, but having connections, as always, gets you very far very quick

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    i would take his advice,But considering how many sjw's work at riot or how many times they have bent the knee to sjw tantrums. I'm sure it would do more harm than good.

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  • Can you do a sketchbook tour with kim jung gi or karl kopinski?

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