How to be THE FASTEST FARMING CARRY – Miracle's BROKEN Farming Patterns on Anti Mage – Dota 2 Guide


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  • 16:45 how he use the stun without moving cursor to the target?

  • I wonder always that high class players are not blocking camps with sentries very often

  • Can u post offlane tips?

  • Fuck my life ..i just tried my best and got bf after 20mn

  • 'Best team in the world' x)

  • useless farm patterns if u midlaner not batridet/qw invoker/earth spirit(not greedy)

  • This is a nice breakdown

  • Secret win vs nigma in final becoz secret watched this video…

  • Can u make a video about LuLba drafting?

  • But mostly in in my 1.3k pubs my team trashtalk me when i try to farm or split push, they want me to show up in most team fights what do i do?

  • Warlock in the trees afk for ages at 12:30

  • wow thx speed . love the content bro

  • If enemy is on bot all 5 u carry will go free farm in 2-3k they will fight and if they die they will blame u xd

  • Space Created…

  • anything for miracle and u r only asking for 2k likes only

  • Some help please
    I'm trying to learn how to play viper but I'm bad at mid lane so I thought of a safe lane viper…is it a playable lane for viper and what items do I focus on getting in the game… thanks.

  • SEA 2K players even 3k players should watch this. You really need this guys from SEA server with 0 MMR – 3999 MMR even some 4k account buyer shit heads

  • 15:31 suppo0rt

  • YohanYohan

    Author Reply

    i thought it was boss in that second death of am where they dropped the ward to get vision to swap


    Author Reply

    this new map is so awesome

  • sort all heroes into a early, mid and late game list

  • all your videos are actually helpful especially to people who plays solo like me. it helped me jump from 1k to 3k all on my own

  • kekkek

    Author Reply

    The other 4 played the game pitch perfect.
    The amount of space, wave cutting and almost throwing their bodies to buy time was impressive

  • you can't find a place to farm in sea because your supports are farming

  • Last 3 AM games, I have farmed Battlefury in 13 mins and lost. Thats how bad the teammates are in lower mmr

  • love this video. nobody ever talks about what to do when you lost the lane and map is collapsing on you.
    To be fair, they had a beast who took top tower. If top tower was still up, this game might have become impossible really fast.

  • High lvl player: predict enemy movement in area without ward

    2k-3k core: Dive dark jungle and die while yelling “support where are you and your wards”

  • report am no bkb

  • That fake blink to dodge x mark + ship combo.

  • Everyone can beat team secret at ti so chill boys

  • "Maybe we can get this video to two thousand likes I know its a lot" 1 day later 2.2k likes, the channel is growing my man.