HOW PROS can CARRY ANY GAME: Safelane Tips & Tricks to FARM FAST and DESTROY | Dota 2 Pro Guide

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In this Dota 2 carry guide, coach Speeed covers a pro Juggernaut player at work! Use these safelane tips and tricks to adapt, farm faster and with more efficiency, and to snowball an insurmountable gold lead. Carry in ranked and rampage with this advanced guide to build a god-mode carry hero!

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  • DavidDavid

    Author Reply

    'im gonna give you some pro tips guys! '
    Gives the tip – takes 1 min
    'i don't get why you wouldn't do that it's easy' – for the next 5 mins

  • Not applicable on sea server

    "i really like what hes doing here"
    – continues to lose cs xD

  • "HE IS SO GOOD IS A PRO WOW" your mouth is full dude

  • that team play is good but the thing is in solo ques offlaners and midlaners go like safe is not the only core stick to ur lane man im trying to harass the enemy here and blah blah. So actually like in most of the replays u show the team does not cooperate and the game ends up as a stomp…And when a supp stacks and u go to take it mid comes and say dude keep it for me i didnt get much farm mid i need fast farm and so and they dont even give a single creep when rotating telling to go to jungle . .//.

  • this is such a good video. you make many good points I learned a lot. a classic I keep coming back to!

  • best dota 2 player in the world? hahahhahahahhaa xDDDDDD

  • but what if when you failed the lane?

  • No disrespect but I have been playing your method and been losing streak since then. It only improved my individual stats

  • what happens when ur a woman and tell ur support to pull because he is just leeching exp like an idiot and he tells u "im not receiving orders from a mere woman" xD "oh 12 y.o kid " "give me ur ig or I afk " man xDDD 😂 im so done tutorials on how to use voice changer please

  • 15:08 this is sooo true and every 2k player should take this to heart. 16:50 explaining the concept of frontlining, kinda mixing it with initiation, even though they overlap :Pp very important concept.

    This video was laden with great information, and a world of difference from your clickbaity ana replays haha, just keeping it real. keep it up

  • Zm4rfZm4rf

    Author Reply

    how do you know when it's safe to hit creeps in the opponent's jungle? at 7:30 (in the yt vid) there are enemies bot and in the jungle :s

  • Pro guide, best player.
    Not even a known pro.. i dont even know if hes a pro… wtf… atleast tell the truth
    Just say high mmr guide?

  • I can confidently say!. No 1 engages wit Doppel … (Ur trying 2 hard 2 be impressed by Him)

  • Lol he isnt best carry in the world

  • Thx a lot bro I had destroyed many of your like button;)

  • The biggest problem in low mmr brackets is that carries are often contested in last hits and jungle creeps. A lot of the times you have at least 3 players farming jungles all game. Sometimes even the supports are farming in jungle.

  • In lower brackets, there are no supports, no stacks, contest in last hitting and feeding.

  • Sounds like a motivational life changing speech lmao

  • i don`t care if my supports did zero in the lanes he said; next step, have a support try to contest your lasthits and auto attack creep waves

  • ''Who's he? He's the best player in the world!''

  • I have 10 MMR

  • I am always doing this but i still loses games when while i get fat with farm my Mates are diving for a support under T3 and all 4 die and feed the enemy safelaner… Impossible to win games in solo queue

  • Ever notice how GAMELEAP changes his “ strategy” every game, based on who’s winning lol. “ don’t worry about kills, they ain’t worth it. Get ccs”. Then next video, this guy is doing great look at his kills. “. ( and the dude has trash CS). Lmao. Congrats game leap you are like every single “ trainer” ( sales, coach, professor etc). They spew a theory ( which is mostly right) but when a high performer does something else they change their theory .

  • So i've basically been a pro PL all along and everyone else is trash. 🥴

  • Who's here after geting a score of 3/10 as a carry?


  • 14:45 why not take mangoes ?

  • Play pl dont know change power tread then spam skill and off or on 3nd skill

  • I cant follow the farm tips, cause the jungle creep get cleared by the support and offlane. You gonna feel the same when u play on SEA

  • Diffusal Blade is such a great item.

  • Meanwhile while waiting for match, enemy team is also watching this.

  • Another video where he’s getting free farm versus mostly one opponent and not getting harassed … I want to see how you get farm when your two Lane opponents make it their business to run you out of the lane and harass you non stop

  • oracle lil pumaa hah

  • was dazzle the enemy carry in this game? lmfao

  • who are you and why would you say "this guy is Di best dota player in the world" … what a jerk

  • thanks speed! it helps me to get better in playing as a carry.

  • Ok but try playing like this in 0-1k bracket

  • Yeah he is 0/0/0 but has insane lasthits. I really need to learn how to farm faster.

  • What is "flash farming" vs any kind of regular farming?

  • gh0ungh0un

    Author Reply

    Problem is, at lower MMR, youll get flamed and reported for being afk in jungle 18 minutes. People will tilt at that and thus play worse, and therefore lose the game a lot quicker on all lanes. And then youre basically looking at a gameover game 15 minutes in, with enemies at tier 3 taking your rax. The only reason why this works, is due to name recognition. If you are a noname, youll get flamed right away for passive play like this. Not so much here. Everyone plays somewhat reasonable trying to not lose all towers instantly, no one tilts, no one rages, no one reports you.

  • he is the best player in the world??….WTF